Key takeaways from Sitecore Symposium 2021

We loved Sitecore Symposium 2021. Get the highlights here!

Shining a spotlight on our cloud services!

A brief refresher on our core cloud services!

We’re now Amazon RDS Partners!

We're now Amazon RDS Partners - find out what that means!

Is cloud native the real deal on net zero emissions?

Is cloud native the real way to net zero?

Monitoring a modern SaaS app? There’s more to it than you think!

How do you support a modern SaaS app?

CloudFormation vs  Elastic Beanstalk – AWS’ PaaS and IaC services

What's the difference between these two popular AWS services?

Drumroll please – it’s the first ever JAM x Ultima Hackathon!

Find out what we got up to at our first ever Hackathon.

Barriers to cloud migration in Singapore [Part 4]

Are worries about regulations and compliance stopping you making the move to cloud?

Activation Campaigns and their Unique, Boutique Support Needs 

What kind of support do you need to run a world-class activation campaign?

We catch up with everyone involved in The Body Coach launch!

We caught up with everyone involved in the launch of The Body Coach app. See what they had to say!

Why we love Talk Think Do

We love Talk Think Do - find out why!

Lightsail vs EC2 – comparing the buildings blocks of AWS 

Getting to grips with AWS? You may want to know which of these services to start with...

How to take an agency international

Our top tips for growing your business internationally.

What we learned at Umbraco Codegarden 2021

Check out our round-up of all things Codegarden

Barriers to cloud migration in Singapore [Part 3]

How could the lack of understanding security in the cloud thwart organisations' digital transformation plans?

That time Fastly broke the internet

Could a CDN crash your business?

The ‘perfect’ AWS SaaS architecture (with examples)

Download our latest report to get the lowdown on the perfect AWS stack for SaaS.

3 Top takeaways from AWS ANZ Summit 

Get our top 3 insights from AWS' ANZ Summit.

Why 24/7 full-stack support is the client retention silver bullet of 2021

Want to keep your clients? Try full-stack 24/7 support.

Has your SaaS app been cloud-washed?

You know when you've been cloud-washed...or do you?

Barriers to cloud migration in Singapore [Part 2]

How could the lack of tech talent thwart organisations' digital transformation plans?

The quick guide to headless

Get up to speed on headless.

Our 5 biggest takeaways from running AWS Well-Architected Reviews

Want to know our top five insights from the AWS Well-Architected Review? Read this!

Barriers to cloud migration in Singapore [Part 1]

Why is the misalignment between businesses and IT teams keeping companies from migrating to the cloud?

Convert your AWS and Azure Instances

Need to compare AWS to Azure instance types for memory and compute? We've got you covered.

EKS vs ECS vs Fargate vs Kubernetes (AWS containers explained)

Want to know which AWS container service does what? Read this!

Just After Midnight joins the Ultima family

We've got a little bit of news...

What is cloud native?

Get the lowdown on cloud-native tech.

Post-covid recruitment: lose the commute – keep the community

Covid-19 changed the way we think about work.

Safeguarding On-call Tech Employees from Burnout

Burnout is a big problem for on-call engineers, find out what you can do to safeguard your employees.

What is serverless?

What is serverless? Get the skinny from Just After Midnight.

We’re a Kentico Managed Cloud Hosting Partner!

Just After Midnight is now a Kentico Managed Cloud Hosting Partner! Find out what that means here.

Kubernetes v1.20 sailing away from the Dock(er)

We speak to Zek Chak, our Lead Solutions Architect in Singapore on his thoughts on the latest Kubernetes release.

Just After Midnight is a Well Architected Partner!

We're a Well Architected Partner! Get our thoughts here.

What’s the one number you need to grow?

We sat down with Dominic Monkhouse to get the full story on NPS.

What is Chaos Engineering?

Chaos engineering? What is it and how could it work for you?

4 reasons for devs to be excited about Umbraco 8.7, 8.9 and 8.9.1

Umbraco's been up to a lot recently. Get the skinny here.

The business-value of a Well-Architected Review 

A Well-Architected Review means more than upgrading your infrastructure. Read how it builds bridges here.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 will crash your website – unless you follow these 4 tips

Our top tips to ensure your site runs smoothly during one of the biggest and busiest periods for e-commerce.

Our highlights from Kentico Xperience Connection 2020

See our highlights for Kentico Xperience Connection 2020!

Retail 2020, nobody mention the C-word

We sat down with The Playhouse Group and AWS to answer key questions on retail in 2020. Get the answers here!

We’ve won Best Customer Service Provider AND Best Start Up of the Year

We've won both Best Customer Service Provider and Best Start Up at the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore!

Just After Midnight at Sitecore Symposium 2020

We learned a lot at Sitecore Symposium 2020. Read the highlights here.

We’re over the moon to be shortlisted for Best Cloud Support Provider of the year!

We've been shortlisted for best cloud support provider of the year! Read on to find out what that means.

Why we’ve loved being part of Legal Geek 2020

Want to find out about our involvement with Legal Geek 2020? Read on!

3 things Developers will notice about Sitecore 10 

Want to see what's new in Sitecore 10? Read on.

EBS vs EFS vs S3 – when to use AWS’ three storage solutions

Want to find out when you should use each of these three popular storage services? Read on.

Just After Midnight is now an Umbraco Gold Partner

Want to know what it takes to become an Umbraco Gold Partner? Read on.

The tech powering the new normal of online events

Online events are quickly becoming a new normal. Find out what that means here!

I’ve got 99 problems but Patch Tuesday ain’t one – a dev’s guide to Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday causing headaches? Read on and never get caught out again.

Announcing our new status as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner 

We're an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner! To find out what that means, read on.

What is Kubernetes and what are the trends for 2020: Kubernetes Federation and more!

Want to find out what's going on with Kubernetes in 2020? Read on!

Migrate your Windows workloads to Amazon EC2? Absolutely!

Want to find out about the benefits of moving your Windows workloads to EC2? Read on!

Managed cloud services for healthcare – a one-stop guide

Find out how cloud technology can address common issues in the healthcare sector

Building a Better Business

Our core values and how we're building these into how we work.

Why the cloud-native MSPs are the PewDiePies of managed services

Why are old-guard hosting companies like BBC execs commissioning cat videos?

What is Devops-as-a-Service and how will it change tech?

An in-depth look at DevOps-as-a-Service and the impact DaaS will have on the tech world.

The JAM cloud glossary: cloud terms defined

We break down the top cloud terms you need to know into easily accessible definitions.

COVID-19 and cloud: four key impacts

Four ways cloud will shape and be shaped by COVID-19, including how it can help teams in this critical time.

Outsourcing tech: what every start-up has to get right 

Find out how to manage your tech outsourcing.

Optimise your cloud spend with these 4 tactics and metrics

Our top tips to optimise your cloud spending: the 4 best tactics to adopt, and the 4 best metrics to measure.

COVID 19 – What we are doing

Learn about Just After Midnight's business continuity plan in response to COVID-19 outbreak globally.

Containerisation: cost-saving and a big leap forward?

Find out more about containers: cost-saving potential and what they mean for the industry

RDS, Redshift, DynamoDB and Aurora – how do AWS’ managed databases compare?

Get the low down AWS' managed database services

Take our Cloud Quiz!

Think your cloud vocab's up to scratch - take the test and find out

Amazon EC2 Pricing Guide – in less than 5 minutes

A five-minute rundown of EC2's four major pricing models.

Our top 5 takeaways from Microsoft Ignite London 2020

Everything we learnt from this years Microsoft Ignite Summit, from security and governance to cost-saving tips

What Is ‘Monolith to Microservices’ and How Will It Change Tech

The three ways monolith to microservices will impact the tech world

Top tech fails: End of 2019

Find out who tops our list of the five worst tech fails at the end of the year.

How to: use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to reduce risk of deployment downtime

How to use a Blue/Green Deployment Strategy to simplify deploying and reduce the risk of downtime.

The top 5 Azure tools you *actually* need

Which of the Azure platform tools are you not using? Find out the essentials with our quick guide

The Guide to Cloud Technology and Cloud Services for Law Firms

A comprehensive guide to cloud for law firms

Day in the life of our Senior DevOps Engineer

We talk to our Senior DevOps Engineer Hang about her favourite projects since starting at Just After Midnight.

Day in the life of our Lead DevOps Engineer

Rob chats to us about his DevOps role, favourite projects and what he loves the most about the #jamfam

How to: get started with a headless CMS

Everything you need to know

Downtime Dangers – Why Disruption is not always a good thing

The Impact of Website Disruption and why you can’t afford to ignore it

A week on, and we’re still buzzing about Sitecore Experience Day ANZ 2019

In August, Just After Midnight sponsored the first SUGCON and Sitecore Experience Day in Sydney, Australia

Top tech fails: June – Aug 2019

It’s no secret that downtime causes major losses. So who tops our list as the biggest losers of the summer?

Keep calm and stay online: how to manage application and infrastructure incidents

Our expert incident manager weighs in on how to react to critical issues

6 steps to cloud security for Azure PaaS

Don’t get caught out! Are you following all the steps to ensure your data is secure within the cloud?

Day in the life of our Solutions Architect

This month we're chatting to Solutions Architect Juan about Terraform, learning curves and family time

WP Engine and JAM: the newest power couple in town

Why we love WP Engine and our highlights from the WP Engine Summit 2019

What’s new: Sitecore version 9.2

How can developers and digital marketers benefit from the latest Sitecore upgrade?

How ‘healthy’ is your website?

5 top tips for success!

Introducing: Managed Kentico Cloud by JAM

The new subscription for Kentico partners and their customers

How to: automate your development practices

Make your life easier with some of our top DevOps automation tools

Just After Midnight to sponsor SUGCON ANZ and Sitecore Experience August 2019

We can't wait to see you there!

Migrating to cloud: the ultimate checklist

Are you ready to move to the cloud? Download our checklist to find out!

Singapore event: Serverless Scramble

Serverless architecture is changing the way applications are built, deployed, and used. Join us to find out more.

Day in the life of our CEO Singapore

Exciting projects in the pipeline at the JAM Singapore office

Infrastructure as Code: a modern approach to infrastructure management

Juan from our expert DevOps team talks you through the basics and benefits of Infrastructure as Code

Day in the life of our Finance Manager

Our finance manager reflects on how JAM offers a great work life balance

6 things I’ve learnt working for JAM

Milly reflects on the exciting learning experience that working for JAM has given her so far

Our thoughts from the 2019 AWS Summit London

What did we think of the 2019 AWS Summit?

The ultimate guide to choosing a managed hosting provider

Don't get caught out - expect the most from your managed hosting provider

How to: optimise your website performance

The second instalment of our ‘how-to’ series deals with the different types ...

Our highlights of Sitecore Experience 2019

A few take aways from Sitecore Experience 2019 and SUGCON Europe 2019.

Does your website have a ‘backstop’?

Top tips on how to be prepared for unprecedented traffic spikes to your website.

What is ‘synthetic transaction monitoring’?

Don't let a faulty user journey affect revenue and reputation for your business.

Day in the life of our co-founder and CEO ANZ

A catch up with our co-founder and Aus/NZ CEO after a whirlwind first six months

How to: get started with cloud

The first article in our new series begins with implementing cloud computing into your business.

5 monitoring solutions to protect revenue and reputation

Do you have a public facing website? Here are the top 5 things you should make sure you’re constantly monitoring

Day in the life of our Account Manager

Chatting to Karen about her role at Just After Midnight

10 top tips from the Go East event with Alibaba Cloud

Find out what our experts had to say at our event for agencies who want to make the move to Asia

Mixing travel and work with JAM

Lead Incident Manager Hollie describes how JAM has enabled her to escape the 9-5

The enormity of DevOps

How to tackle DevOps and its many forms

Making it big in China

How to get yourself access to 800M internet users and build an online presence in China.

Go East: Asia growth for digital agencies

Event - Just After Midnight & Alibaba Cloud | 7th February, London.

Day in the life of our Technical Director

A peek into a day in the life of our Technical Director.

Day in the life of an Incident Manager

One of our incident managers describes what its like to be the 'eyes on' monitoring for our clients.

Is digital transformation dead? (probably not)

A few learnings from inspiring and thought-provoking speakers at the Digital Transformation Conference 2018

What keeps you up at night? Thoughts from an Incident Manager

Peace of mind is critical to a good night's sleep! Rest knowing your website or application is monitored 24/7.

Its my data and i’m keeping it…and keeping it safe!

Data is one of today’s most powerful commodities and something that needs utmost protection. Is your data safe?

In 2018 there’s no excuse for anything other than 24/7 support

Real, human, 24/7 ‘eyes on’ monitoring used to be an optional extra, but in 2018 its no longer the case.

The terrible twos

On our second birthday, we reflected on growing and delivering on the promises made to our clients and team

Finalists at the DevOps Industry Awards 2018

Our work with Vodafone is nominated for the Best DevOps Cloud project at the DevOps ndustry Awards 2018.

Launching in Australia

Kris Croucher brings Just After Midnight and its services to the Australian Market.