The ‘perfect’ AWS SaaS architecture (with examples)

by Ned Hallett
Published on June 2021

We’re thrilled to announce our latest report – The ‘Perfect’ AWS Architecture for SaaS Applications – is ready and raring to go.

This is for anyone with a SaaS product interested in getting the most out of AWS architecture – whether you’re looking to optimize, migrate or host for the first time.

Download the report here

What’s in the report?

  • Examples of SaaS architecture on AWS –  complete with diagrams and expert commentary
  • A dissection of the issues companies face provisioning AWS for SaaS – and how to avoid the common pitfalls
  • Experts speaking in their own words, delivering key insights 

Why’s this important?

We wanted to tackle some of the misconceptions that teams regularly face when provisioning AWS services for SaaS.

And we wanted to do it in a way that solution architects, engineers and business stakeholders would all be able to connect with.

So, we let the experts speak in their own words, and had them talk to us through their thinking.

The result is an honest, myth-busting and compelling read – even if we do say so ourselves!

The value of real-world AWS SaaS architecture examples 

  • All of the architecture diagrams produced here come straight from our engineers – and provide real-world examples of how to solve real-world SaaS/cloud problems
  • Each diagram is followed up by a commentary, in which our experts explore the deeper context of the issue and explain the decisions they’ve made
  • This can speak to problems you may be facing, but even if that’s not the case, hearing an architect’s perspective can be a great way to help business stakeholders see the full picture

Some of the AWS SaaS issues our examples explore 

While we don’t wanna give too much away…we can say this report touches on: 

  • When a monolith can be a better fit than microservices 
  • The difference between the best technology and the best technology for you
  • The relativity of hyperscale, i.e. do you actually need to go full serverless?
  • What an all-singing, all-dancing global SaaS platform would look like on AWS

Why this report? And why now?

SaaS is a growing market, set to reach 140 billion by 2022.

And for a next-gen managed service provider like us, this is a very interesting time.

What we’ve seen, however, is that there’s a real rush to cloud-native and next-gen adoption without the forethought to make it pay off.

What we’ve done is to try and offer an alternative: see how people in-the-know think about it – avoid the same mistakes.

As for why it’s AWS and not Azure – because there’s only so much time in the day!

AWS have marked themselves as the go-to provider for SaaS with offerings like the SaaS-Enablement Framework and SaaS Factory Programme. So we thought it made sense to start there.

But we’re certainly not ruling out creating a similar resource for Azure and other providers in the future.

What are some next steps in the AWS SaaS journey?

After, of course, downloading the report, just get in touch with one of our engineers for a free consultation. 

What else we can do to help 

As well as building and consulting on cloud architecture, we have a great track record supporting SaaS applications 24/7, recently working on the launch of App Store No. 1 app Joe Wicks’ The Body Coach.

So whether it’s cloud design, 24/7 support, or anything else, just get in touch.

Download the AWS SaaS report for free!