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Just After Midnight is a global application modernisation partner. From Singapore to the USA, we help teams cut costs, increase performance and agility, reduce technical debt and deliver cutting-edge solutions. From Singapore ride-hailing app Grab to global law firm DLA Piper, we help businesses adopt cloud-native practices like microservices, containerisation and orchestration. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we've got you covered.

APPLICATION modernisATION Services

What is application modernisation?

Application modernisation covers multiple strategies for embracing cloud-native technologies:

  1. Moving an application to the cloud for the first time
  2. Expanding an application’s adoption of cloud-native elements like containers or microservices
  3. Refactoring an application so teams can fully adopt cloud-native

We meet you wherever you are in your cloud journey and lead with strategy. Whatever your competitive landscape, we accelerate cloud adoption in line with your objectives.

How could I benefit?

We consult and deliver on application modernisation projects for partners around the world to:

  1. Achieve operational efficiency and cut costs
  2. Gain market-competitive agility
  3. Simplify security and compliance

As legacy applications are remade for today, teams are removing old barriers, finding new efficiencies and breaking fresh ground. We put our partner at the forefront of innovation.

Why is Just After Midnight the right partner?

We’ve delivered application modernisation projects for leading brands in APAC, EMEA and the US. Read more about:

We work with brands around the world to deliver application modernisation strategies that speak to them.

Types of modernisation

The modernisation process can take many forms. Your legacy systems, existing applications and IT infrastructure all shape the journey you take. However, most projects centre on some combination of:

Monolith to microservices migration

This modernisation strategy involves decomposing large, single-codebase applications (monolithic applications) into smaller, independently deployable services (microservices). Each microservice typically handles a single business function and communicates with other services via APIs.


  • Scalability: microservices can be scaled independently, allowing for more efficient use of resources and improved handling of varying loads
  • Flexibility: teams can develop, deploy and update different parts of the application without impacting others, accelerating time to market and leading to enhanced customer experience
  • Resilience: a distributed system leads to better fault isolation and greater overall reliability
  • Composability: a microservice architecture enables a modern, composable approach

Containerisation and container orchestration

Containerisation involves packaging an existing application and its dependencies into a group of containers. These lighter forms of virtualisation run consistently across any environment. Orchestration tools like Kubernetes manage containers’ deployment, scaling and networking in line with user-defined parameters.


  • Consistency: cloud applications packaged as containers are highly environment agnostic
  • Efficiency: containers consume fewer resources than traditional VMs
  • Scalability and management: orchestration tools automate many operational tasks, making it easier to scale applications up or down as needed and reduce overhead
  • Faster software application development cycles: containers have a high affinity for DevOps and CI/CD practices

Cloud adoption and migration

This means moving applications, data and other components from on-premise data centres to cloud platforms. This can involve re-hosting, re-platforming, or re-architecting to leverage cloud-native services in line with your overall goals.


  • Cost efficiency: cloud services are generally more cost-effective and scalable than bare metal servers; this can be increased by accelerated adoption of practices like serverless
  • Innovation: a new cloud environment provides easy access to a wide array of services and technologies that can boost innovation, such as machine learning, analytics and IoT
  • Competitive advantage: most mission-critical applications leverage the cloud; meet your competitors where they are
  • Security and compliance: take advantage of cloud providers’ innate security and compliance features

Serverless computing

A modern cloud platform architected around serverless technologies takes the focus off provisioning and maintenance. Serverless elements are spun up per-request, which means highly scalable, cost-effective solutions with a low TCO.


  • Cost Optimisation: serverless elements maximise efficiency and consume no resources at rest
  • Scalability: serverless applications are inherently scalable
  • Developer productivity: offloading maintenance and provisioning allows teams to focus on the core application
  • Faster time to market: writing applications as functions means less time spent on provisioning and a quicker turnaround on applications and features

Legacy system integration/refactoring

This means modernising legacy systems by either integrating them with newer applications and technologies via APIs or gradually refactoring parts of the system to improve performance and scalability.


  • Extended life: extend the useful life of existing applications while gradually incorporating modern features
  • Reduced risk: minimise the risks associated with big-bang migrations by allowing for incremental improvements
  • Improved performance and scalability: enhance your legacy system’s performance and ability to handle increased loads through targeted improvements
  • Scope for experimentation: allow your team the room to integrate cloud-native adoption

DevOps adoption

A cultural and procedural shift that promotes collaboration between development and operations teams, integrating and automating the processes of software development and moving toward CI/CD.


  • Increased efficiency: automate and streamline workflows to radically reduce development time and operational costs
  • Improved collaboration: foster a culture of shared responsibility, improving product quality and time to market
  • Enhanced reliability: continuous integration and delivery leverage automation in the testing and delivery pipeline 
  • More granular deployments: release features quickly and iterate to maintain a competitive advantage and respond quickly to customer demand

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Application modernisation strategy

Modernising legacy applications requires a strategic approach combining client-orientated discovery with best-of-breed assessments and implementation. We work with you to define your core goals, conduct a thorough inventory of your existing application and build a roadmap that delivers at pace. Our process has four simple steps.


The first step is to understand where you are in your current transformation journey. Just After Midnight’s solution team will look at the factors driving your need for modernisation and assess your current solution.

Inventory and roadmap

Our application and licence assessment team review your workloads. Following this, we put together a detailed application inventory to score your applications on key criteria. This generates a path forward and roadmap for your modernisation journey.

Initial solution and iteration

Next, we put together an initial solution or proof of concept to explore how your new solution will function, what dependencies will need to be addressed within the business, which new efficiencies will be created and how your solution will deliver value.

Solution delivery

Finally, we deliver. Just After Midnight’s team of architects, DevOps engineers and application developers will deliver your modernisation project whether that means a new serverless architecture, full adoption of CI/CD or migrating an application to the cloud for the first time. We support you through the adoption of your new solution so you can access benefits right away.

Technologies we work with

As a AWS Advanced Consulting Partner,  a Microsoft Certified Solution Partner, and an MSP holding certification in GCP and Alibaba, we can spearhead any modernisation journey. 

We work with a range of technologies to deliver modernised solutions, including:


  • AWS Microservices Architectures
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Google Cloud Endpoints
  • Alibaba Cloud Microservices Engine


  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

Cloud adoption and migration:

  • AWS Migration Hub
  • Azure Migrate
  • Google Cloud Migration Tools
  • Alibaba Cloud Migration Tool


  • AWS Lambda
  • Azure Functions
  • Google Cloud Functions
  • Alibaba Cloud Function Compute


  • AWS Database Migration Service and Server Migration Service
  • Azure SQL Database Managed Instance for database refactoring
  • Google Velostrata for rehosting
  • Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service (DTS)

DevOps adoption:

  • AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline
  • Azure DevOps Services
  • Google Cloud Build and Cloud Deployment Manager
  • Alibaba Cloud CodePipeline and CodeDeploy

Security accreditations 

Anything else? 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

One of our experts is always free to reach out and talk through:

  • Custom elements of your solution
  • Industry-specific security requirements
  • Hybrid cloud requirements
  • SLAs
  • Issues around licenses

The Just After Midnight checklist 

  • Check mark icon Fully certified partner in all major cloud platforms
  • Check mark icon Presence throughout APAC, EMEA and the US
  • Check mark icon Track record of delivering modernisation projects
  • Check mark icon Industry leading ongoing support
  • Check mark icon Understands business priorities like cost drive projects
  • Check mark icon Builds solutions for security and compliance

Why should I modernise?

  • Cut costs

    Modernising applications means efficiency, lower costs and lower technical debt.

  • Make your business agile

    Legacy applications weigh down key business processes: unlock your true potential.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Take better advantage of automation and simplify tasks.

  • Improve developer productivity

    Reduce application incidents and allow your team to adopt more efficient technologies.


Why Just After Midnight

  • A global and local strategic partner

    Beyond modernising an organisation's applications, we help align their key objectives with the best of cloud computing by understanding global and local contexts. With offices in Singapore, the UK, the US and Austalia, we connect with local teams to lead a global strategy.

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  • Ongoing operational support

    Your legacy application modernisation project doesn’t have to end at delivery. Our 24/7 application and cloud support is industry leading. With a follow-the-sun, tech-enabled service, we ensure uptime and reliability for complex mission-critical stacks.

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  • Delivering future-proofed secure solutions

    With a range of security and platform credentials and a culture of constant upskilling, we always deliver solutions that in line with best practice for the future.

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  • Track record of success in cost optimisation

    With a track record of saving our clients up to 50% on major cloud projects, we know how to build solutions that deliver. Our extensive experience and constant upskilling means we’re always on the forefront of innovation.

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With partners across the USA, Europe and APAC, we provide a truly global service. So wherever you or your clients are based, contact us today to find out what we can do.