cut costs and modernise

Many companies are running costly legacy applications that could be rehosted, replatformed, refactored or re-architected. Taking advantage of these newer cloud models means cutting costs, and gaining the agility you need to compete in the modern digital landscape. So whether you have a transformation strategy in place or not, Just After Midnight are here to take you from assessment through to modernisation.

What is app modernisation

Some think modernisation isn’t an option because they’re already on the cloud, but app modernisation can be much more than cloud migration – although that’s one part of it.

In fact, there are three major patterns of modernisation:

Refactoring from monolith to microservices 

Both styles of program architecture, monolithic refers to applications in which processes are inextricably linked (can’t be worked on or altered independently) while microservices means applications made up of smaller, autonomous processes. Microservice applications are much cheaper to scale and allow for best-of-breed selection for individual tasks. 

Exposing functionalities

This means exposing the legacy application’s functions as APIs, allowing other cloud-native applications to interface with them. This means new features can be built on top without drastically changing the original application.

Cloud migration 

Cloud migration covers a few modernisation strategies. An application can be ‘lifted-and-shifted,’ meaning a move to cloud without rewrites, refactored to new cloud technology (eg, serverless) or one of four other migration strategies. JAM can help you define your cloud transformation plan as part of your application modernisation strategy.

How it works

Just After Midnight’s approach to getting started on your application modernisation journey is simple.

1. Assess

Our first step is to understand where you are with your current transformation journey. Just After Midnight’s solution team will look at your existing workloads and define an approach to beginning your modernisation project. 

2. Inventory 

Our application and license assessment team will review your workloads and sort quick-wins from more labour-intensive migrations. Following this, we will put together a detailed application inventory that looks to score your applications on user-engagement, importance and usability. This will dictate our overall roadmap and approach to modernisation.

3. Solution 

The next step will be for us to put together an initial solution or proof of concept to allow you to envisage what your new architectures will look like, and what dependencies will need to be addressed within the business.

4. Migration

Finally, we migrate. Just After Midnight’s team of architects, DevOps engineers and application developers will migrate your workloads and support you 24/7 during and beyond the scope of the project.

Why should I modernise?

  • Cut costs

    Run your application more efficiently and cheaply while cutting technical debt.

  • Make your business agile

    Legacy applications limit key business functions, unlock your true potential.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Take better advantage of automation and simplify tasks.

  • Improve developer productivity

    Reduce application incidents and allow your team to adopt more efficient technologies.


Why Just After Midnight

  • Full stack engineers

    With teams who know everything about infrastructure and applications, we're the perfect modernisation partner.

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  • Support beyond your project

    We're all about 24/7 support, so you when it comes to making sure your new, modernised application's 100% available, you can can count on us.

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  • Global experience

    With offices across APAC, EMEA, the US and Australia, we're right there for you wherever you need us.

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  • We know efficiency

    With a track record of saving our clients up to 50% on major cloud projects, we know how to build lean and mean.

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With partners across the USA, Europe and APAC, we provide a truly global service. So wherever you or your clients are based, contact us today to find out what we can do.