Working with Google Cloud Platform

As certified Google Cloud engineers, we can ensure you’re getting the most from this platform’s impressive features. From saving on Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) per-second billing model to exploring the possibilities of machine learning, we're here to support you and your team 24/7. From design, migration through to optimisation and ongoing operation, we drive the innovations you need to succeed, leaving you free to focus on your business objectives.

We’ve Got You Covered

Providing Google Cloud hosting for first-time cloud users 

If you don’t have any experience with cloud hosting, we’ll be able to walk you through the initial steps. We provide GCP solutions for every use-case, from businesses using .NET based systems like Umbraco or Kentico, headless applications and completely custom builds.

Managing the cost of your Google Cloud Platform services

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of computing services which can be customised and combined in line with your needs. The per-second billing model means you’ll only pay for the resources you use, but managing and structuring these services for cost efficiency can become complex. Our partnership with Google means we have the certified resources to handle everything from technical optimisation to choosing the right SLA, ensuring you’re using GCP in most efficient way possible. 

Walking you through GCP’s advanced features 

Partnering with one of the world leaders in AI brings a host of opportunities. Our expert team can walk you through GKE (Google Kubernetes), Big Data and and GCP’s powerful  Machine Learning (ML) Platform, applicable to everything from from automating complex manual tasks to replying to customer queries more quickly.

Staying ahead of the curve

Globally, Google Cloud Platform is one of the fastest growing solutions on the market, and was the only major cloud provider to achieve triple-digit, year-on-year growth. A rapidly expanding product and increasing exposure means you need an engaged partner whose constantly upskilling – that’s Just After Midnight.

Why We’re Different

Always on

Just After Midnight were born in the cloud era. Always-up and 24/7 support are part of our core, they’re written into everything we do. When you have an issue, you’ll always find a certified engineer on the other end of the phone or Slack channel who is knowledgeable about both your GCP infrastructure as well as your application. We have a team full of expert and experienced engineers across three continents, so wherever and whenever the issue, we’ll be on protecting your revenue and reputation.

Google Cloud Platform partners 

Our partnership with Google Cloud Platform means we have the skills and experience to put the varied and powerful capabilities of GCP at your disposal.With our customer-centered approach and technical experience, GCP becomes the enterprise-orientated service you need to succeed.

Agile and forward-thinking

Most managed cloud providers are traditional hosting companies who have have had to adopt cloud solutions to keep with the market’s demands.  These businesses are stuck in the past, with long lead times, faceless ticketing systems and no way of dealing with out-of-hours incidents except waking their engineers in the middle of the night. We were born in the cloud era, and the demands of cloud have shaped everything from our processes to the values that sit at the heart of our brand.

An absolute commitment

We have an absolute commitment to protecting your revenue and reputation.

  • Check mark icon Just After Midnight was born in the Cloud era
  • Check mark icon Expert Cloud and DevOps specialists
  • Check mark icon Working around the clock across all timezones
  • Check mark icon We cover the application as well as the architecture
  • Check mark icon Dedicated to protecting your revenue and reputation

Google Cloud Platform Services

  • Consulting

    From audits and reviews through to full design and provisioning of your Google Cloud Platform environment and services. We can help start or optimise your journey to Cloud.

  • Optimisation

    Optimisation of performance, operations and cost is essential to effective Cloud services. Our team can help you make the most of your GCP investment.

  • Migration

    Whether on-premises to Cloud or Cloud to Cloud, we will help with your migration. Combining migration with our support services provides a seamless transition.

  • Monitoring

    Advanced monitoring of features that drive key business results (Call to Action buttons, forms, sales funnels).

  • 24/7 Support

    Specialists in application level 24/7 support, a service competitors can’t match, with guaranteed service levels and support for critical and priority incidents.

  • DevOps

    Proactive and preventative infrastructure management and application deployment management all in one.


Why Just After Midnight

  • Save Time and Money

    We are experts in the field and will provide you with maximum return on your GCP investment. Let us take on the tasks you don’t want to do, so you can focus on things that matter to you.

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  • Set Yourself up for Success

    We can ensure high availability of your products or services becomes the norm, protecting your reputation and brand.

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  • Partner with Someone You Like

    We pride ourselves in providing gold standard client servicing; providing superb communication, monitoring and continual improvement.

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  • Sleep Easy

    You get a dedicated team 24/7 with real people at the end of the phone. We are always on, so you can switch off!

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  • Stay Connected

    From joint Slack channels to a named team, Just After Midnight are truly part of your team.

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  • Stay Safe

    We are both ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified. We design solutions that have security at the core.

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With partners across the USA, Europe and APAC, we provide a truly global service. So wherever you or your clients are based, contact us today to find out what we can do.