Cloud strategy consulting

Cloud-native technologies offer unique scalability, agility and scope for innovation. But for many, the full potential of the cloud lies just across the knowledge gap. Our team of cloud-native AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba Cloud experts work with scale-ups and enterprises to bring the full benefits of cloud-native technologies. From migration to solution architecture, implementing serverless or reducing TCO, our strategy gets you where you’re going.

Cloud strategy consulting

Cloud strategy and planning means identifying a destination and drawing up a map. We work with you to discover the opportunities, savings and transformations that will power your growth, then we give you the how.  

We provide:

  • Cloud transformation consulting 
  • Cloud optimisation consulting 
  • Cloud security consulting 
  • And cloud migration and modernisation consulting 

Whatever provider you’re with, or wherever you’re at in your journey, we take you to the finish line.

Just think of us as your cloud journey’s sat nav!

How it works

We work with you to build up a detailed picture of your business objectives, in-house skills and cloud environment.

We then deliver insight and action depending on where you’re aiming at. This breaks down into:

  • Discovery session – we work with you to understand your business objectives, key issues and in-house skills.
  • Architecture review –  this is all about your tech setup,  we want to understand your stack your projections and integrations.
  • Approach development – We will develop an approach that is right for you, wherever you are in the cloud journey.
  • Delivery – whether you’re good to go on alone, or you want to tag us in, we deliver.

Some of Our Cloud Strategy Consulting Services

  • Well-Architected Review

    Partners on AWS can benefit from an AWS Well-Architected Review, a free consultation leading to smart, actionable recommendations.

  • Cloud optimisation consulting service

    We help partners reduce TCO and access true scalability, optimising processes, governance and tooling in-line with long-term objectives.

  • Cloud security consulting service

    We give you visibility of your services' risks and vulnerabilities and build resolutions that fit within your overall strategy.

  • Cloud migration services

    We can get you started on your cloud journey if you're making the move from on-prem or from one provider to another.

  • Cloud modernisation services

    We help you modernise your architecture and access the benefits of cloud-native technologies such as serverless or containers.

  • Cloud design services

    We build brand new cloud-native infrastructures using the latest cloud technologies and methods.


Some of the Providers We Work With

  • AWS cloud consulting

    We’ve helped global brands, and governments, align their AWS cloud environments with overall business strategy.

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  • Azure cloud consulting

    We’ve consulted with companies across the world, and in a range of verticals, on transforming their Azure solutions.

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  • Google Cloud Platform cloud consulting service

    We help partners take advantage of one of the most innovative public cloud solutions on the market.

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  • Alibaba Cloud consulting

    We help our partners adapt their cloud strategy to new markets through our Alibaba Cloud consulting service.

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