• We have offices in London, Singapore and Sydney. This will give us the global coverage and redundancy your clients deserve and the closeness we need to serve you as our partner. We do not use tranditional ‘low cost centres’ as we pride ourselves on quality first and foremost and our locations give us the best control of the 5* service you can expect from JAM.

  • We have our own systems and virtual private cloud solution. We give access on a need-to-know and no-knowledge basis (developers are never given access credentials directly). We’re are certified to the  ISO 27001 Information Security Management standard (ISMS) and Cyber Essentials, so we base our procedures on these principles as well as the globally recognised ITIL processes. Our ISMS policy is available on request.

  • We have one price list, which applies to all our partners. Because we don’t publish these prices, you can choose any markup you wish when billing your clients. We’ll never discuss your clients or our negotiations with you with other partners.

  • You could, but… it would cost you a small fortune to get the systems and support levels 1, 2 and 3 up and running 24/7 – and it’s a real headache. Worse, in most cases, too few clients will be willing to pay for it, so it can be a loss leader.  Because we’re able to spread the cost over many clients across several digital agencies, this is one area where outsourcing really pays.

    For internal client teams, DevOps engineers are available BUT often the one or two members of the team are expected to get out of bed in the middle of the night and be available all weekend. We believe there is a better way using our DevOps-as-a-service model.

  • Again, yes, but all they do is pass on messages. They don’t fix your systems, so you’ll still be getting out of bed! With Just After Midnight, we’ll take care of everything for you, including workarounds and/or fixes and have it all done for you when you wake up.

  • No. We don’t want to compete with our partners. We stick to 24/7 support, cloud services and DevOps keeping things simple and honest.