Build, optimise and automate your Azure environment

Beginning your cloud journey can be daunting...or it can be a walk in the park. IA-Cloud uses intelligent automation to create environments, manage your resources, and optimise your services. Get set up in less than three hours - reduce your management and consumption costs by up to 46%.

Get the most out of your Azure cloud

IA-Cloud is an advanced management, monitoring and optimisation platform for Microsoft Azure, built to ensure you get the most out of your Azure investment using the power of automation:

IA-Cloud Build

 IA-Cloud Build can take you from the starting line to a finished environment in a little as three hours, and supports both Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments.

  • Migrate fully to the cloud, move your data, implement tooling and create connections to on-prem environments
  • Extend your on-prem if you run out of space, create a cloud extension tailored to your original set-up
  • Switch off your second data center, create a cloud-native back-up

IA-Cloud Automate

IA-Cloud Automate tackles one of the most resource-intensive elements of cloud: management. Enabling enterprise standard tooling across your environment, you can easily manage:

  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Backups and patching
  • ITSM integration
  • Documentation
  • Compliance validation
  • Enhanced visibility

IA-Cloud Optimise

IA-Cloud Optimise scans your environment for incorrectly sized, poorly configured and unnecessary resources, making automatic recommendations and optimizations.

  • Identify orphaned resources
  • Right size resources
  • Generate recommendations on licences
  • Generate recommendations on configurations

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Other IA-Cloud Services

  • Cloud Automation

    Deploy your resources seamlessly and scale with ease.

  • Cloud Security & Governance

    Protect your cloud, resolve incidents and recover from disaster.

  • Cloud Cost Optimisation

    Reduce costs while boosting performance where needed by aligning your true cloud costs.

  • Cloud Migration

    Spin up a new environment with best-practice measures in place to help you manage and optimise your environment.


Why Just After Midnight

  • Next-gen managed services

    Alongside IA-Cloud, we work at the cutting edge of cloud-native services.

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  • Extensive Azure Experience

    We’ve carried out Azure projects for major brands including Formica, LV= and Translink.

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