Delivering DevOps

We help everyone from scale-ups to enterprises accelerate their rate of delivery and innovation. Our diversely skilled team of engineers provide both thought-leading consulting and hands-on implementation for everything from Source Control to Infra Orchestration, helping you achieve the agile practices demanded by today’s digital economy.

DevOps Tooling Services

  • Source Control

    We track and manage changes to code using Bitbucket, GitHub and GitLab, providing a complete view of code activity.

  • Build Server

    We achieve continuous deployment and integration, allowing for smaller more agile deployments, using Octopus Deploy, Jenkins and GitLab.

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  • Configuration Management

    We deploy applications, automate tasks and run services from script using Ansible, making managing your configurations easy.

  • Test Automation

    We automate code testing using Selenium and InfoSpec, ensuring it works from a unit, functional, integration and end-to-end perspective before it reaches the final environment.

  • Public Cloud

    We manage AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba cloud, making security, scalability and mobility simple.

  • Infra orchestration

    We automatically provision and spin down environments using Kubernetes, Terraform and Team City, allowing infrastructure to be created as code.


We have got you covered

Reduce costs, time to market and risk with continuous integration 

Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of regularly storing code in a safe, accessible repository, such as Bitbucket. This allows us to spot issues more easily and make smaller, safer deployments, resulting in:

  • Better fault isolation 
  • Faster time to resolution
  • Higher test reliability and version control 

All this adds up to a quicker overall time to market and robust digital products which satisfy your users. 

Modernise your infrastructure 

IaC (Infrastructure as Code) means easy, transparent control of all of your infrastructure resources, allowing you, or us, to specify and automatically provision (and spin down) environments through tools like Terraform and AWS Cloud Formation. 

The reduced manual work and increased consistency results in:  

  • Minimisation of the risks posed by human error 
  • Quicker, simpler deployment 
  • Reduced costs 

Your IaC infrastructure can be managed by us or handed over to you after development.

Work with a company that understands DevOps – and when to step in

DevOps is a culture of horizontal collaboration which promotes the idea that each individual should have a working knowledge of the entire development process. It can be a powerful way to structure an organisation, but not every business operates in this way.

At Just After Midnight, our broad experience with brands and agencies in support and managed cloud roles means we’re able to take total ownership of your project – or work with whatever DevOps culture you have in place.

How it works 

When we begin working with a new partner, we employ a proven framework: 

Discovery: we get to know your team, their skill sets, and your tools and platforms. We then identify what we need to bring in order to complete the project.

Solution Design: we work with you to finalise a list of tools, and decide the right level of ownership. For some organisations, owning licenses to certain tools is vital to long-term objectives. Others want us to continue maintenance after the project has been completed.

Implementation: After the solution is finalised, we implement.

On-going support: depending on your solution, we go on to maintain and manage your tools.

We have worked on DevOps delivery projects for prestigious companies such as: 

With results like:

  • Check mark icon Saving 1000s of IT support hours 
  • Check mark icon Empowering technical teams to approve content and deploy updates and fixing
  • Check mark icon Bringing downtime to zero
  • Check mark icon Reducing the need for ad hoc changes

"They proved themselves again and again."

I highly recommend our good friends down at JAM for your DevOps and Infrastructure needs on your next project. They were by our side for over 6 months, on a tricky and complex Digital Transformation project. Again and again they proved themselves to be extremely knowledgeable, pro-active, patient and above all good fun to work with. The project was managed expertly from start to finish and they were always one step ahead on the DevOps priorities, providing a refreshing and innovative approach to a legacy infrastructure.

"I would recommend JAM highly."

We engaged JAM to do a review of our options for moving a complex infrastructure estate to a managed Kubernetes setup with a cloud provider. It was important to us that the provider had demonstrable real-world experience of different public clouds and could make an objective justification of the chosen platform. They provided detailed justification having reviewed our requirements as well as cost breakdowns. The JAM team assisted our own in establishing numerous Kubernetes clusters as well as providing assistance with on-boarding. We have found them knowledgeable, service focused and professional in all our interactions. I would recommend them highly.

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Why Just After Midnight


    Our team have worked on delivering and supporting web applications since the inception of the web. Our Engineers have in-depth knowledge of application development and cloud. We are a support business at heart, which means that our clients benefit from 24/7 support across the full stack

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    All of our projects are long-term engagements. This means our DevOps engineers gain an in-depth knowledge of your business and systems. This leads to faster resolution times, increased collaboration and an extension of your team.

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    Just After Midnight have offices across the globe in Europe, Asia and Australia. We can therefore easily work with and support global companies and cover all time zones.

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    You get a dedicated team 24/7 with real people at the end of the phone. We are always on, so you can switch off!

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With partners across the USA, Europe and APAC, we provide a truly global service. So wherever you or your clients are based, contact us today to find out what we can do.