Supporting your SaaS product

For SaaS companies, digital isn't just a channel. High availability is a must for delivering your product, and in a world of ever-more distributed systems, you need a support service capable of drawing every single thread together. Our signature, tech-enabled 24/7 support is that service. We combine the technology to monitor every aspect of distributed, cloud-native applications with specialised engineers and proactive incident management. If you have a SaaS product, Just After Midnight have you covered.

We have got you covered

Modern SaaS applications are component driven, often built with serverless and microservice-based architectures, bringing the work of many providers into a single service. This means a complex stack, and a complex support need.

We get it.

Our SaaS application support service was built around cloud-native applications.

Using our own bespoke support platform – Mission Control – we’re able to bring every component into a single bird’s-eye view, triaging where needed and managing incidents to a tight SLA.

This is full-stack support, from the AWS or Azure infrastructure down to the application layer and the ecosystem of services in between.

Our work with SaaS products 

We’ve delivered complex support for SaaS product companies in LegalTech, security and digital HR, providing performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and more to global SaaS services.

Read more about our work with:

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How it works

Our process is simple. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs, agree on what we are supporting and get set up fast.

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to our services. But the questions we generally ask to help you find the package you need are:

– Do you need your SaaS application supported 24/7 or just out-of-hours?

– Do you just need incident management or do you also need to have emergency service requests covered?

– What SLA level do you need?

Once we agree on this, we can get set up.

Generally, we advise a couple of weeks for this, however, if you have a more urgent request, talk to us and we will do our best to make it work. We want you to start delivering grade-A customer experience right off the bat!

There are 3 simple knowledge areas to discuss with you and set before we get started:

  • Check mark icon Technology - anything from architecture diagrams, CMS overview, 3rd party integrations, cloud and more. Monitoring SaaS apps means pulling in a lot of different threads, so we're always thorough in getting you started.
  • Check mark icon Monitoring and Access - we will need to devise the best monitoring strategy to pick up incidents quickly and you'll need to provide us with access to your platforms so that we can jump in when things don't go as planned.
  • Check mark icon Communication - we will identify key people for communication and agree on a process that ensures the right people are notified when it matters. You'll also be given and unique support number and email for reporting incidents.

Why Just After Midnight

  • Tech-enabled

    Our bespoke platform allows us to meet the challenges of supporting complex, cloud-native SaaS products, combining uptime monitoring, server monitoring, application performance monitoring and more into a single bird's-eye view.

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  • 24/7 support is who we are

    For many MSPs, 24/7 has only meant a phone by the bed; but it's been who we are from the beginning. Over the years, we've developed the perfect culture to do 24/7 right in a complex environment, taking ownership, putting real people on the other end of the phone or Slack channel, and ensuring every issue is looked at within minutes.

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    Our SaaS monitoring solution and support act as a seamless extension of your team. That means less financial outlay, up-skilling and recruitment. From joint Slack channels to a named team, JAM is truly on your side. We pride ourselves in providing gold-standard client servicing.

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  • The Best SLA's

    We understand the business needs behind SLAs and performance metrics. Our terms reflect the real needs of SaaS product companies in a competitive digital environment, where downtime has huge impacts on revenue and reputation.

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24/7 SaaS Support Services


    We provide a full onboarding process which allows us to get to know the architecture, the application and your SaaS business as a whole. This allows us to provide comprehensive support right out of the gate.


    Clients are offered a dedicated support number. The phone is answered swiftly, all transcripts are logged, and tickets are registered in our cloud-based customer service portal.

    Dedicated line

    Our SaaS monitoring tools and processes are built around full-stack visibility. That means monitoring systems capable of database monitoring, server monitoring - you name it, we support it 24/7.


    From business-hours support to out-of-hours support and full 24/7, we've got you covered. Our support model is set up for customer success, so you can access the services you need whenever you need them.


    We offer four levels of SLA to choose from, starting at just 15 mins in addition to bespoke enterprise arrangements. We work with clients to define the exact solution for their needs.

    Helping hand

    We provide regular status reports, so you have up-to-date information on outages, performance issues and resolutions when you arrive in the office the next business day. We know things move at break-neck speed for SaaS solutions, and we're here for it.


    We use our customised JAM runbooks, to run a series of checks, communicate the issue in the manner agreed with you, begin the activation of the required resource, and set up the emergency connections as specified.

    JAM brand

    Our runbooks are unique for each client and are used to run a series of checks, communicate issues and follow the right action to resolve any issues.



With partners across the USA, Europe and APAC, we provide a truly global service. So wherever you or your clients are based, contact us today to find out what we can do.