Supporting a SaaS company around-the-clock to serve some of the worlds largest hospitality chains

The client

LineTen is a cloud-based, SaaS technology platform that orchestrates, manages, and analyses delivery services and is integrated with hundreds of the world’s leading delivery companies to support e-commerce and hospitality clients such as Five Guys, Coop, and Taco Bell.

The challenge

LineTen found themselves facing a challenge that is familiar to many SaaS companies: they were growing fast, with a team all based in just one location. To continue to grow, they required two things: a 24/7 support team who could act as an extension of their team, supporting the platform across all timezones to ensure they could expand into international markets, as well as access to an expert DevOps team who could consult with them on cloud modernisation and CI approach to make quick and well-informed decisions.

The solution

We provide LineTen with 24/7 infrastructure support and incident management, as well as access to our DevOps team when needed.

To begin support, our team of AWS cloud engineers began with a deep dive into the technical specifications of LineTen’s platform, familiarising themselves with each area to provide both consultation on the current setup and ongoing support for any future issues. After comprehensive meetings with LineTen, runbooks were created which detail the AWS infrastructure and product architectures, including the 36 AWS resources that have been used to build it.

Just After Midnight’s expert service offering has been designed with SaaS companies like LineTen in mind. Our global team means that LineTen now has infrastructure engineers and incident managers on hand at any time of the day to respond and resolve issues, as well as a highly experienced and knowledgeable cloud team at their disposal for any questions or service requests that might arise about their AWS setup.


  • Access to an expert cloud team without having to employ a DevOps engineer in-house
  • Increased efficiency, optimisation, and security
  • Cloud support is now available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and any issues are resolved quickly by a live team
AWS resources used
4 minute
average response time