2 phase modernisation solution and 24/7 support full-stack for on-demand transport company

The client

Gozem, a trailblazer in on-demand transportation and services across diverse African markets, is redefining convenience and accessibility. Focused on revolutionising mobility, Gozem seamlessly connects users with reliable transportation and a range of essential services. 

Operating in multiple African countries, Gozem is committed to providing safe, efficient, and innovative solutions that empower communities and contribute to economic growth. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, the company has transformed the way people navigate and engage with essential services. 

The challenges 

Gozem were looking for a managed service provider to help support several issues they were facing as the company continues to grow and become more popular. 

Top of their list was to ensure their AWS infrastructure and WordPress application had robust security due to the sensitive user data and financial transactions they are handling. Concern over the evolving nature of cyber threats meant they needed a provider that could secure their website. 

Scalability was another pivotal challenge for Gozem, particularly as the company moves to expand its services and accommodate dynamic market demands. Adapting their infrastructure efficiently to support growth remains a critical focus. In addition to this downtime posed a significant risk to Gozem’s operations, impacting user trust and hindering the delivery of services. The challenge lies in minimising downtime to ensure high service availability and a positive user experience.

Managing vast amounts of user data while complying with data protection laws represents an ongoing challenge. Balancing innovation with privacy considerations required a sophisticated and adaptive approach to data management.

In navigating these challenges, Gozem was exploring strategic solutions and was looking to collaborate with a managed services provider. The partnership would have to offer expertise in security, scalability, and proactive measures to minimise downtime, thereby fortifying Gozem’s website for sustained growth and enhanced resilience.

They approached Just After Midnight because of our vast experience as a managed service and 24/7 support provider and helping our clients such as Grab and ComfortDelgro who have experienced similar problems in the same industry.

The solution

We worked with Gozem to strengthen their AWS infrastructure, focusing on security, scalability, and downtime mitigation. Our solution involved our gold standard 24/7 support, a thorough analysis of their infrastructure looking for any potential vulnerabilities, and a comprehensive modernisation plan separated into 2 phases.

We conducted an analysis and identified security vulnerabilities, particularly in Gozem’s existing security groups. This factored into Phase 1 of our modernisation plan, all security groups were converted, closing public access ports and channelling traffic exclusively through secure load balancers. Additionally, subnets were transformed to private, bolstering the overall security posture.

Aligning with Gozem’s growth aspirations, we submitted a comprehensive proposal for Phase 2 of the modernisation plan. We have proposed Ubuntu 22.04 Operating System to enhance performance, and to future-proof the infrastructure for scalability. The ongoing optimisation efforts encompass not only security and scalability but also regular assessments to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Recognising the dangers of downtime and its risks to our clients, part of our 24/7 support involves proactive monitoring and swift response times to ensure high service availability. We are monitoring their infrastructure and applications to ensure any potential issues are handled and reduce the risk of service disruptions. 

We have seamlessly integrated into Gozem’s operations, and operate as an extended arm of the Gozem team. This collaborative partnership not only addresses immediate challenges but also positions Gozem for sustained growth, resilience, and an enhanced user experience.

The results 

  • Our proactive monitoring and swift response mechanisms have successfully minimised downtime, preserving high service availability. 
  • Phase 1 of the modernisation plan ensures a highly scalable infrastructure and phase 2 future-proofs their infrastructure 
2 phase
modernisation solution being undertaken


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