What's the deal?

Welcome to the Programme

The JAM Partner Programme is all about the amazing agencies we work with and the fantastic work we do together. It gives you a way to assure your clients they’re in safe hands and us a way to reward your loyalty to our community. Best of all – it’s completely free!

It’s a simple idea: sign up and access amazing benefits, discounts and events. You’ll gain access to branding and new business support to showcase our partnership. We want you to feel special so you’ll also get the #JAM stamp of approval for use with your branding. It’s our version of a friendship bracelet. You can even work your way up to our Elite level partnership and get the popping pink logo!

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I'm in! How do I join?

We never over complicate things, so we’ve kept the JAM partner programme super simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Check mark icon Fill out the form at the bottom of the page, telling us a bit about yourself
  • Check mark icon Once approved, we'll get back to you with a partner pack, including more information about JAM and access to our branding that you can begin to use on your site and other material
  • Check mark icon We'll proudly display you and your logo on our partner page, letting everyone know that you're a new JAM partner
  • Check mark icon As partners, we'll start doing business together
  • Check mark icon Work towards our Elite tier and get access to our pink #jamstamp and loads of other rewards!


  • Referrals

    Access to referrals back to you when we're asked for services that are your gig and not ours

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  • Discounts

    We offer exclusive discounts on our services to our partners, which increase as you work your way up to Elite.

    Helping hand
  • Visibility and marketing

    From the simple SEO benefits of being listed on one an-others website to sharing the industry stage in talks and events.

    web page
  • Instant Networking

    Become a JAM partner and join a community of the best agencies around. Network, share ideas and even collaborate on opportunities.

  • Enhance your product

    Your offering to clients will stand out from the crowd with JAM by your side, providing instant reassurance.

  • Branding

    As a JAM partner, you'll be able to use our credentials and branding on your site and proposals.

    JAM brand

Partnership Levels

  • JAM Partner

    Our standard tier for new and current partners. The only criteria is you can articulate the JAM proposition and want to work with us.

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  • Elite Partner

    For those who have over 3 clients with JAM or hit our annual subscriptions threshold. Bigger discounts, the best referrals and once a year the "Big Elite Get Together" event, rest assured you won't want to miss it!

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