Cloud-Native Design

We build scalable, reliable cloud-native infrastructures for mission-critical applications. From serverless to DevOps, we help organisations build for the future and access the benefits of cloud-native design. We work with all major cloud platforms, and business at any stage of the cloud journey. So, whether you’re a start-up going on unicorn, or an enterprise launching a brand new product, we’ve got you covered.

Our cloud design approach

We design architectures that fit your overall objectives, whatever your provider or vertical, we can can help you:

  • Access scalability and efficiency through serverless architectures built with services like AWS Lambda or Azure functions 
  • Access agility though containerisation and/or deploying your app as microservices, using services such as GKE, AWS ECS and EKS
  • Reduce time-to-market by implementing robust CI/CD pipelines and DevOps

Some of our cloud architecture design work 

We’ve designed architectures for leading brands across the globe. Find out about about:

How it works

We work with you to build up a detailed picture of your objectives, in-house skills and current cloud environment. Over the years, we’ve refined our process to 4 tried-and-tested steps:

  • Discovery session – here we find out what your new architecture needs to deliver, as well as getting to know your team, technology and goals.
  • Proposal – we then submit a proposal complete with approach and deliverables.
  • Testing and proof of concept – we can then begin to move test workloads to your new architecture, and prove the value of our approach.
  • Delivery – once everything’s greenlit, we deliver.

Cloud design with a difference 

Many solution architecture partners are legacy providers. They’ve pivoted from bare metal. But they’re not natives. Just After Midnight was born in the cloud era, and our people, processes and technology reflect the best of cloud-native thinking.

We regularly partner with household names to deliver next-gen infrastructures, so, wherever you’re headed, let us help you get there.

Other Cloud Services


    Not sure where to start? Before the design and build stage, make sure your cloud strategy lines up with your overall objectives.


    Can’t figure out how you’ll manage and optimise your brand new cloud-native environment? We’ve got you covered.


    Say goodbye to downtime with our one-of-a-kind full-stack support service, purpose built to support modern, cloud-native apps.


    Looking to get started on cloud for the first time, or move from one provider to another? We’ve got you covered.


Why Choose Our Cloud Architecture Design Services?


    In a world where cloud-native is fast becoming the norm, a modern cloud infrastructure keeps you competitive.

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    Access the technologies and functionalities that will become essential to your future success.

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    Scale up and down seamlessly, spin up environments as and when and reduce your TCO.

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    We work with every major cloud provider - including AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba Cloud.

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