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What is Mission Control?

Mission Control is the bespoke tech-enabled solution sitting at the heart of what we do – protecting mission-critical applications at scale.

Today, full-stack support means looking after a lot of moving parts, from more distributed applications and integrated 3rd-party services, to complex cloud-native architectures like microservices and serverless.   

Now, imagine you have 100+ of those to look after, and you’re committed to answering every alert in seconds.

You’re gonna need something special.

That’s where Mission Control comes in.

What does Mission Control do?

In a sentence, Mission Control combines everything you need to support a modern app in one dashboard.

It combines:

  • Live data on how your cloud is performing 
  • Streams from 3rd-party integrations
  • Alerts 
  • Runbooks  
  • Important events like upcoming deployments or service requests 

It also:

  • Gives our global team one touchpoint for all your support needs 
  • Allows us to triage straight from the interface with intelligent suggestions 
  • Enables automated monthly reporting 
  • Let’s us know we’re sorting your issue within our SLA

Mission Control's Key Features


During incidents, Incident Managers can issue live updates to the client using our status notification system.


Timelines of actions and events are automated, meaning post-incident a full report is ready to go. We then add in the root cause, and recommendation for mitigation, and the report is sent out to the client.


If an incident occurs, our incident managers are instantly notified on the system via real time monitoring, which includes streams from 3rd party integrations - so nothing gets missed.


Each client has their own dedicated dashboard, which contains everything we need to know and more about their application and infrastructure: tech stacks, SLAs, contacts and more.


Calendars of important events, including deployments, maintenance and go-live dates, are built into the system so that the team is kept up to date.


Service requests from our clients are fed into the system, so the status of each one can be tracked by our team.


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