TUMS® Super Bowl Campaign 2021

Ensuring 100% success for a major Super Bowl campaign.

The client

TUMS is America’s #1 Heartburn Medicine, selling more than 60 million products every year.

As part of an ongoing effort to destigmatize heartburn among younger audiences, TUMS launched a digital campaign to engage young viewers ahead of the Super Bowl: #TUMSBingoSweepstakes. When people tweet about the brand or a “TUMS-worthy” moment during the Super Bowl, their TUMS bingo cards will automatically populate and enter them for a chance to win up to $55,000 in prizes.

The challenge

To support the campaign, TUMS and their agency partner Grey NY were looking for a managed hosting and support solution that could cope with the profile and user volume of the event and ensure smooth sailing for the campaign.

A partner was required who could both design a robust and scalable hosting solution for the campaign, then implement this in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Pressure can build around large campaigns such as this one, which focuses its efforts around one crucial event – in this case, the Super Bowl game. The platform would be experiencing a high-intensity burst of traffic during the game, and it was essential that it did not fail.

The solution

Just After Midnight is ideally suited for high-pressure campaigns such as this for TUMS. Having worked with Grey NY on previous Super Bowl campaigns, we had the ideal combination of experience and expertise to meet the client’s challenge.

The services we provided were:

  • Hosting solution design – an AWS solution that included NodeJS, Socket.io, S3, MongoDB, SES, and Cloudfront with auto-scaling was designed by our team to cope with a maximum amount of 100,000 concurrent users as specified by the client’s marketing team. 
  • Solution set up – our team set up the above solution, communicating and working with the Grey NY team where needed. We managed the installation of the SSL and CloudFront distribution amongst other tasks so that the Grey NY team could concentrate on the campaign.
  • Load testing and critical amends – was completed in the week leading up to the event. No issues were found, and a full report of actions and testing sent through to the client.
  • Intensive support – on the night, our team was on standby to ensure the live environment that had been built and tested was 100% available. An expert engineer monitored the platform in case of any issues for the 8 hour period pre, during and post-game.

All of this was delivered within the campaign window and exceeded the client’s expectations.


  • The campaign ran successfully without any issues.
  • All users had a seamless game experience.
  • Client was extremely happy with the result.
100,000 concurrent users
load tested
100% availability
throughout the game

On game day, the project was an absolute success. Based in London, the JAM team is always available to take meetings late in their evening to accommodate the Eastern United States time zone. They're a fun group to work with and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a best-in-class managed hosting services provider. At Grey, we look forward to working with them again in the future!

Technology Director, Grey Group NY