The Go-to Support People

We help companies keep their business-critical systems and applications running come rain or shine. With best-of-breed SLAs, a follow-the-sun support model and a tech-enabled service, it's easy to see why we've been crowned the go-to support people. So, if you're looking for moniker-earning application support to help you innovate faster, get one up on downtime and give the team a good night's rest, we've got you covered - 24/7, 365.

Our Application Support Services

What we do

We offer 24/7 peace of mind to everyone from enterprise level to scale-ups by providing a one-partner application support service for any solution. That means:

  • Helping you deliver customer satisfaction through a seamless experience
  • Shoring up your revenue and reputation by putting a 99.99%+ stop to unplanned outages
  • Turbocharging business growth by allowing you to innovate with confidence and deliver new features

The application support recipe that makes this possible

  • Follow the sun – follow the sun means exactly that. With full-stack engineers spread across four time zones, your application will always be with a well-rested, plugged-in engineer during the course of their normal working day. As we like to say, it’s 9-5 somewhere
  • Tech-enabled – where a traditional support team struggles to gain visibility across the whole stack, our show-stopping app support platform Mission Control draws every thread of a distributed application into a single bird’s-eye view
  • Human support – when things go bump in the night, communication matters. You’ll always find a real person on the end of the dedicated phone number or Slack channel – because any application support team worth their salt knows crystal clear comms are king
  • Proactive monitoring – we’ll have more eyes and monitors on your app than Houston circa 1969 (that’s why it’s called Mission Control) so we’ll have an application support services engineer on the job before you can say, ‘we have lift-off’
  • One-partner solution – from disaster recovery strategy to security management, we pride ourselves on being a one-and-done support service. That means no more pointing the finger at the third-party integration solution, development team or whichever unfortunate soul it happens to be. We’ve made up a bed for the buck, and it’s welcome to stop here

To find out more about your options, take a look at our packages page.

What we support

Our application support covers apps, infrastructures and everything in between. From Magento to Sitecore, AWS to Azure, we’ve got the gamut under control, including:

  • Custom software
  • Mobile applications
  • DevOps pipelines
  • First-line business applications

Just drop us a line, and we can make it work.


How It Works

Our process is simple, drop us a line and we’ll arrange a free consultation with one of our application extraordinaires.

We’ll start by identifying your pain points and what we can do to take them away.

  • Maybe your internal team doesn’t have the capacity to handle all of your support tasks
  • Maybe you need help with performance monitoring
  • Maybe your security solution just isn’t cutting the mustard

…or maybe you just want to hand everything over to a single-partner solution and focus on delivering for your customers.

Once we know your needs, we can get you set up under an industry-leading, agreed SLA. From there, it’s all plain sailing.

Our application support services for agencies

If you’re a digital agency looking to provide application support for key clients, we’ve got you covered. We regularly partner with the likes of Valtech and Grey New York to provide 24/7 and out-of-hours support for key clients. From technical support on innovative campaigns to web application support on customer-facing sites, we fill the support gap.

Take a look at some of the award-winning agencies we work with.

"We count JAM as one of our trusted partners."

Just After Midnight (JAM) has been providing us with 24/7/365 setup and support services to deliver the many financial reporting websites that we deliver each year. JAM have been providing with best-practice advice regarding the setups for each website, and have worked closely with our Head of Infrastructure to ensure that we have quick build times and are able to deploy sites within agreed time frames. They have been responsive both via their ticketing system and on the phone, and we count them as one of our critical trusted partners.

Digital AgencyEmperor

Just After Midnight has great expertise on AWS and helped us with some of the scripted automation of our infrastructure deployment as well as 24/7 support to support our clients business critical applications.

Digital AgencyCyber Duck
24/7 Support Services for Agencies

"JAM's excellent first-line service means no more late-night calls."

It makes a massive difference to us to have someone available for all of our global markets. We’re really happy to have you on our team.

Senior ManagerSainsbury's Bank

JAM’s excellent first line service means no more late night wake up calls – responding to our clients and resolving issues any hour of the day

Product ManagerRooftop Film Club

24/7 Support Services for Brands

Why Our Partners Choose Us

  • We support software launches

    Mission-critical and always on are our (somewhat unwieldy) middle names. If you have an app or service that's about to make a Free Willie-level splash in the market, we make sure no one gets wet.

  • We support eCommerce

    We help eCommerce businesses deliver seamless digital experiences to their users by supporting and managing the underlying technology. Check out our managed services for eCommerce.

  • We support DevOps

    We both support and implement major DevOps projects. So, if you're looking for someone to implement a DevOps pipeline, or you just need some DevOps engineers to cover break/fix or deployments when your team is sleeping safe and sound, we're on it.

  • We support mobile applications

    Supporting mobile-first and mobile-only apps comes with its own set of challenges. Luckily, we're the current trophy holders in each and every one.

    Dedicated line
  • We provide industry-leading SLAs

    Our SLAs are the best in the business. Coming from an agency background, we understand business requirements as well as technology, so we can ensure your SLA delivers what you need to hit key objectives.

  • We get to the root cause

    Our support services don't end when you're back online. With a team of application experts, DevOps know-it-alls and cloud gurus, we can help you diagnose key performance issues and improve performance holistically.

    Helping hand
  • We support cloud-native

    Where traditional support teams struggle to gain visibility on the cloud-native environments your application sits atop, we go in eyes wide open. Mission Control allows us to observe and triage even the most distributed solution.

  • We support security

    We simplify the steps to security and compliance in one managed service. Our VMaaS offering can be weaved into your package for 24/7 peace of mind.


Why We’re the Go-to Support Partner

  • 24/7 Means 24/7, Since Day One

    Our 24/7 support services have been battle-tested against fearsome conditions. Or, to put it another way, we realised early on the 'phone-by-the-bed' support model would always end in tears. With an application support engineer team in every continent that isn't polar, we can guarantee your issue will be resolved by a plugged-in, well-rested expert with every resource at their fingertips.

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  • The Right People on the Other End of Your Channel

    Working with everyone from global brands to scale-ups to keep apps ticking over, we've developed the perfect culture to deliver outstanding application support. That means the buck always stops with us, no matter what other partners are involved. We're always on, so you can switch off.

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  • Whatever You’re Running, We Support It

    We go beyond application support. From the cloud infrastructure to the third-party integrations, we look at your applications holistically. Our proprietary support solution Mission Control gives us an eagle-eyed, laser-scoped 360-degree perspective on any and all of your solution components. Just tell us what needs looking at.

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  • Just Ask Around

    Over the years, we've protected hundreds of millions in revenue, preserved squeaky-clean reputations and kept things running for some of the world's biggest brands. Just ask Ford, Volvo, Heineken, TUMS or global leading law firm DLA Piper. We've also supported exciting new products in legaltech, healthtech and more. So whether you're long in the tooth or an eager beaver, we've got you covered.

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Everything Else You Wanted to Know About Our Application Support Services (FAQ)

  • When you sign up for application support, that’s what we cover. But we can support pretty much anything we put our minds to. We offer full-stack support to a multitude of companies with a multitude of technologies and solutions, so just get in touch and we’ll get on it.

  • We’re a fully-fledged MSP. We also offer cloud design, management and optimisation as well as DevOps and security. One thing we don’t do is write code. A lot of our customers produce outstanding applications, so we thought we’d leave that to them.

  • We can provide some routine and preventative maintenance services as part of your SLA under agreed service requests, however, bug fixing and updates will usually be handled by the development team.


With partners across the USA, Europe and APAC, we provide a truly global service. So wherever you or your clients are based, contact us today to find out what we can do.