A watertight DevOps and support solution for this LegalTech SaaS product

The client

StructureFlow is a LegalTech SaaS product designed to help lawyers and their clients quickly and easily create visual model legal structures and transactions with the layering of information and detail.

The challenge

The StructureFlow product had been finalised and was ready to go live. However, the client was facing a series of challenges:

  • They were concerned about the risk of poor management of their Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure and wanted a team who they could trust
  • Their product was vulnerable to downtime overnight whilst the team was out of the office; the loss of service is critical to StructureFlow, due to transactions that may be time-sensitive and high value
  • They lacked a DevOps team who could offer support to their current technical team during UK office hours

They required a partner who could meet this series of challenges, whilst simultaneously maintaining the highest level of security possible to protect their clients’ sensitive legal data.

The solution

Just After Midnight was perfectly equipped to meet the challenges faced by StructureFlow. By providing managed hosting and DevOps support, StructureFlow has access to all the expert knowledge and experience of Just After Midnight’s DevOps team, meaning they do not have to employ a dedicated DevOps person or team in-house. What’s more, Just After Midnight’s team is available 24/7, via phone, email and Slack – meaning any issues or queries are picked up immediately by a live support team.

Just After Midnight’s UK team work with StructureFlow during UK office hours to resolve issues as they arise, whilst our teams in APAC can pick up any urgent issues overnight. This means they now have a watertight support solution for their SaaS product.

Our DevOps experts provide a team of resources to StructureFlow’s technical team. With a deep knowledge of the Azure cloud, Just After Midnight consulted on StructureFlow’s existing infrastructure and offered insight on how to improve and optimise it, from both an efficiency and security perspective. We looked at their existing processes, such as the onboarding of new clients, and how this could be automated for optimal efficiency. We also maximized the security of the StructureFlow product by identifying any potential areas of vulnerability and ensuring that these were eradicated so that the product was as secure as possible for legal clients.


  • Access to an expert DevOps team without having to employ a DevOps engineer in-house
  • On-going reviews of their infrastructure and processes to maintain efficiency, optimisation and security
  • Cloud support is now available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and any issues are resolved quickly by a live team
24/7 managed hosting
of Azure cloud
Complete access
to an expert DevOps team