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As Advanced AWS Consulting Partners, we know that an AWS stack is the go-to for many SaaS products. So we focused our efforts there.

This report gives you 3 things:

  • Key insights on how to approach AWS cloud for SaaS applications
  • Detailed real-world example SaaS cloud architecture diagrams drawn up by our expert engineers
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls
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Who are Just After Midnight?


We are the only support provider who can support your mission-critical SaaS application 24/7 x 365.


We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a proven track record of extensive team training and successful, innovative, and revenue-generating solutions.

We are SaaS and cloud-native pioneers, designing and building solutions using next-generation microservices including Containers, Serverless and APIs.


We can protect your SaaS application through our security services: from actively scanning your application for vulnerabilities, to producing easy-to-understand, actionable reports.


We work with SaaS clients across the globe in industries such as legal, healthcare, HR, providing them with 24/7 full-stack support for complex applications and cloud setups.


A few of our SaaS clients