Our thoughts from the 2019 AWS Summit London

by Arif Ali
Published on May 2019

Last Thursday, I was one of 12,000 attendees at the AWS Summit London. It was a huge event that was open to both AWS Partners and the public, with informative talks throughout the day as well as activities during the breakout sessions.

Here at JAM we work regularly with AWS, so I was interested to see what was new with the product. Here are my top takeaways from the day:

Serverless and automation is key

AWS indicated that the future of its services lay in serverless architecture. Serverless architecture applications rely heavily on third-party services. It allows developers to execute code in response to events without the complexity of building and maintaining the architecture, meaning it is easier to operate. No patching is needed, you can just input your data and go.

AWS can help you save on costs

To go serverless is a good option if you are trying to save money for your business, as it’s operational costs are fairly low. AWS made it clear throughout the summit that it understood that keeping costs low was important.

AWS Tools

There was lots of information about AWS tools throughout the summit, such as CloudFormation which allows you to model your entire infrastructure in a text file. Here at JAM we like to use a variety of tools in order to tailor our approach to the businesses we work with. However, it was interesting to see the offerings from AWS and how they compare.

Impressing new faces

The huge number of attendees – 12,000 people from across the UK and even further afield – was made up of both experienced users and cloud newbies. I got the sense that AWS was working hard to appeal to new users, attracting them to the many features and benefits of using the product.Arif with the AWS Mascot at the AWS Summit

Valuing AWS Certification

Despite the huge crowds of new ‘builders’ that attended the summit, I still felt valued as an AWS certified partner. I was able to visit the dedicated AWS Certified section, which was much quieter than the rest of the event.

I’d say that while I enjoyed the day, as someone with extensive knowledge of the AWS product, the smaller and more focused events are the ones I really get value from. I hope all the new faces got an idea of AWS and how it could work for them.

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