What keeps you up at night? Thoughts from an Incident Manager

by Lauren Davis
Published on November 2018

We’ve recently had Halloween and so Netflix has churned out A LOT of horror films and series.  I used to LOVE horror films but now I value my sanity and sleep too much to entertain them. A few years back, I made a promise not to allow that much fear and disturbing imagery into my brain.  But I am still tempted – my morbid curiosity can’t help but allow me to watch trailers of Malevolent or the Haunting of Hill House and even watch a tiny bit before I realise my stupidity and that I’m breaking a promise to myself and that I will suffer as a consequence (weeks of unease at looking out the window or in the mirror at night because of what might be staring back at me, other than me!).

I try to limit my exposure to fear of this type because there doesn’t seem to be any positive outcome from it. Fear causes changes in brain and organ function and in a fight or flight situation this becomes useful – it makes you work faster to avoid damage.  

What keeps you up at night - OwlFor a lot of our clients an outage on their website or application feels a little bit like a horror movie and is what keeps them up at night. We, at JAM  are really invested in our customers, when providing our Support Service, if there are any alerts or notifications from monitoring services our adrenaline kicks in and we are completely focused on resolving the situation. Just like watching scary films highlights the need to protect yourself and your loved ones, getting an alert makes us Incident Managers want to protect our customers.  It is a little racy on the ticker – because we want to do well for them and don’t want them to feel any pain, and this motivates us to work hard until a solution is found.

It’s a really rewarding part of our jobs to know that we can provide peace of mind for our customers.  We can save developers from working around the clock. We can let our customers sleep easy knowing that we are removing the stress of 24-hour monitoring from their lives and we can use our skills and experience to bring positive changes to managing cloud and application support issues to prevent issues occurring in the first place.  So we hope that it’s only horror films keeping our customers up at night and not their digital platforms.

If you want to have a chat about what’s keeping you up at night – or you can tell us how how Malevolent ends, get in touch!



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