Key takeaways from the AWS Summit London 2022

by Ned Hallett
As Digital Marketing Manager and JAM’s primary pair of lungs, I provide the JAM-y take on the ever-evolving worlds of DevOps, SaaS, MACH - and acronyms yet to be coined.
Published on April 2022

When we found out that the AWS Summit was returning to London, and that AWS fans from across Europe would be attending in person, we jumped at the opportunity to sponsor this one-of-a-kind event

The Summit was bigger and better than we could have imagined, with over 15,000 people turning up at the ExCel last week.

From getting the inside scoop from fellow AWS Partners at the Partner Summit to listening to the keynote at the main event, here are a few of our key takeaways…

We’ve only scratched the surface of the potential of cloud

At the Partner Summit, AWS dropped the staggering statistic that only 10% of workloads are actually in the cloud – the rest are located in data centres or on-premise.

What this highlighted is that there is still massive scope for cloud migration and growth within the cloud industry.

Addressing the skills shortage

Another key topic was how to address the skills shortage within the cloud technology space. AWS acknowledged there were not enough certified engineers to match the level of growth within the industry, and committed to ramping up their already extensive training initiatives to help encourage more people to move into the space.

They also recommended working with Advanced AWS Partners (like Just After Midnight!) to help with the skills shortage. Our expert engineers help clients by using their industry knowledge to build, maintain and optimise AWS infrastructures – meaning they don’t have to expand their own team.

The turnout was massive!

While we prepared ourselves for big crowds, we still couldn’t quite believe the popularity of the event!

It’s no secret that the pandemic increased the popularity of cloud, and so combined with the opportunity to get back to face to face events, the event turnout was bigger than even we had hoped for.

Work-life balance is more important than ever

Last but not least, from speaking to customers at the Summit, it was clear that people are prioritising work/life balance more than ever. Whether you want to attribute this to the pandemic or just a new perspective, people are keen to have a clear distinction between their personal and professional lives.

Just After Midnight has a solution for business owners who don’t want to rely on a phone by the bed when issues arise, and for the tired developers who take the AM calls. Our 24/7 support solution means teams can hand it over to us at 5pm, leaving the stress of overnight incidents behind.

Overall it was a busy brilliant 48 hours of AWS magic and we can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

If you’d like to find out more about how we support AWS solutions or chat with one of our team about a specific project, just get in touch.



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