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We’re a next-gen managed services provider protecting mission-critical digital solutions 24/7. As Advanced AWS Consulting Partners, we have the skills and experience to make your AWS work for you, whether it's migrating to cloud, optimising spend, security, performance or exploring emerging technologies.

What we're famous for

24/7 Full-stack support for client-facing applications.

We’re the only AWS partner to provide true 24/7 full-stack support – that’s  why we’re the go-to support people for teams with mission-critical digital assets.

Our signature, tech-enabled service is built to tackle the complexity of modern, distributed applications, meaning we can monitor and triage the entire stack, from the AWS infrastructure up to the application and any third-party integrations.

Designing and delivering leading, customer-facing AWS infrastructures 

We build solutions that are reliable, secure, scalable  and optimised.  As Well-Architected Partners, we build and optimise AWS services according to the five pillars: 

  • Operational excellence 
  • Security 
  • Reliability 
  • Performance Efficiency 
  • Cost optimisation

Plus, as practitioners of DCX (digital customer experience) we supply you with the tools  you need to meaningfully transform your customers’ experiences.

Working with cloud-native tech 

We support cloud-native development practices, implementing DevOps, microservice architectures and more. 

If there’s a cloud-native technology you want to explore with AWS, we’re the partner for you. 

Get in touch about your AWS needs

Get in touch and we can schedule a free cloud consultation.

Whether you know exactly what you need – or just want to explore how you could grow with AWS, we’ve got you covered.

Our services

  • 24/7 full-stack support

    Our signature, 24/7 support service is built to support mission-critical AWS infrastructures and the applications that run on them.

  • Cloud design & modernisation

    We help you take advantage of emerging tech, micoserviceres, API-first, headless and more - plus, we modernise existing applications.

  • Migration

    Whether modernising or moving to cloud for the first time, we’ve got you covered. We partner with organisations looking to make the next leap in their cloud journey.

  • AWS Well-Architected Review

    As Well-Architected Partners, we can compare your solution to best practice, and move toward it in simple, actionable steps.

  • AWS cost optimisation

    We help teams to drive down costs by making best use of AWS price models, rearchitecting, right-sizing and more.

  • AWS for SaaS products

    We specialize in making AWS work for SaaS products. Whether you're looking to move to SaaS or host a brand new application.

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"I would recommend JAM for any managed cloud solution."

We want our users to be able to work out at a time that suits them, day or night. I can sleep easy knowing that Just After Midnight’s team of experts are taking care of any issues with the app, so I can focus on what I do best

"They always deliver."

I would not hesitate to recommend JAM based on the service they have provided to us. They have been very responsive and have done so in a positive and professional fashion. The team clearly have a thorough knowledge of Sitecore and AWS and have been able to explain things to us in language we can understand.

Digital TeamDLA Piper

Why Just After Midnight

  • Born in the cloud-era

    Many managed service providers are re-branded web hosting teams dipping a toe in cloud - we’re not!

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  • AWS experts

    We’re Advanced Consulting and Well-Architected Partners with a list of delivery competencies too long to list here!

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  • Partner with someone you like

    We pride ourselves in providing gold-standard client servicing: superb communication, monitoring and continual improvement.

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  • We are global

    With offices across the globe, you can sleep easy knowing there's always someone looking after your solution.

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