Day in the life of our Account Manager

by Lauren Davis
Published on February 2019

This year, I’m taking advantage of our lovely new UK office to sit down with some of our team and ask them more about what they do. This month, it’s the turn of Karen, our Group Account Director.

Karen started as Group Account Director with Just After Midnight in January 2018.

What does a typical day look like as a Group Account Director?

That’s a very difficult question as no two days are the same!
I always start off the day by checking our Slack channels, usually on my commute in to the office if I’m not working from home that day. This will give me a sense of how the day will go, and if I need to jump on any important questions as soon as I get to my desk.

Once in, I’ll caffeinate, then chat to the team about the day ahead and if there are any more urgent issues we need to deal with that morning. I’ll check if I have any client calls scheduled for the day, so I can plan the rest of my day around those. My day always usually involves a daily team catch up, where I’ll check resources and make sure that everything is running on schedule.

As Account Director, I look after our clients first and foremost, but I also handle many other aspects of the Just After Midnight’s business. This means covering proposals, contracts, forecasting with finance, picking up new business, project setups, creating runbooks and ISO/data protection – amongst other things!

What’s your favourite aspect of the role?

I love when we’ve made recommendations to a client, and they follow through and implement the changes with positive results – it really feels like we’ve made a difference!

What is the best thing about working at JAM?

The atmosphere here. It’s more relaxed than other places I’ve worked – we’re all busy, but work at a steady and sustainable pace which is conducive to getting things done.

Most memorable highlight since starting with JAM?

I put in a lot of work for our ISO accreditation, so getting that completed in August 2018 was definitely a highlight. Also, our project last year with Vodafone was one of my favourites, as it was something new for JAM. It was a very collaborative project, and I became friends with the external people involved.



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