Downtime Dangers – Why Disruption is not always a good thing

by Arif Ali
Published on September 2019

Downtime dangers covers

Just After Midnight are ultimately uptime geeks always striving to make sure our clients have the best website and application performance achievable.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes spend hundreds of millions on digital transformation every year.

Marketing and IT budgets are committed towards  robust, user-centric, AI driven online marketing experiences necessary to create leads and build customer relationships.

When all this is at stake, businesses simply can’t afford to be let down by a website or application crash, service outage or slow-to-load pages.

With this in mind, we decided to track the website performance figures of 24 businesses across 7 different industries within 3 global regions to see just how seriously brands across the globe are taking uptime and performance.

The results are in!

Download the Downtime Dangers report to see the performance results and  how you can protect your revenue and reputation.

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