Introducing: Managed Kentico Cloud by JAM

Here at JAM, we’ve always been looking for ways to solve the age-old agency problem of offering coherent and effective 24/7 support, on top of fantastic cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.

In our experience, clients want flexibility, and to be able to get their new features to market fast. On top of this, they want a complete support offering which won’t leave them in the lurch at 2am if the site goes down.

That’s why we’ve introduced a new subscription: Managed Kentico by JAM. 

Managed Kentico by JAM – a partnership that brings you the best in 24/7 support and managed cloud

Managed Kentico by JAM is a new subscription featuring all the fantastic offerings you’ve come to expect from JAM, underpinned by Kentico and Microsoft Azure.  It will enable Kentico Software partners to focus on creating the best Kentico digital experiences for their clients, with client revenue and reputation protected by the best managed cloud and expert 24/7 support money can buy.

Just After Midnight’s expert team of Kentico and Azure architects will enable clients to take advantage of advanced deployment and support options which can get new features to market faster.

“In contrast to the current trend in subscription CMS offerings in the market, Just After Midnight’s vision is to give clients simplicity in a subscription, more flexibility tailored to them and truly great 24/7 support, even for the custom stuff clients create with their agencies or in-house teams,” says Just After Midnight Co-Founder and CEO ANZ Kris Croucher.

“Managed Kentico by JAM is designed to bring more flexibility, faster time to market, and intensive 24/7 year-round support without the gaps that leave you in the lurch when there’s a problem on a Friday night and your agency team has deservedly gone off to the pub or home to bed.”


To learn more, watch our webinar in which Kris and Wayne talk through the subscription in more detail:


The webinar covers:

  • Who JAM are and what we do
  • The features of the new Managed Kentico by JAM package
  • How it works, including package options and pricing
  • Any questions from the audience

Our Kenitco partnerships with leading brands across the globe

JAM’s team of Kentico experts have worked previously with clients such as PWC, Tourism New Zealand and Vodafone. Recently JAM began supporting a national transport company with the launch of their new journey planner, which is cloud-hosted on Kentico. This was a revolutionary experience for Irish transport users who can now plan their journey in real-time.

“Kentico Hosting Partners track and monitor websites to help prevent any costly and frustrating downtime for clients globally,” said Wayne Jasek, Director of APAC at Kentico Software.

“We’re excited to be supporting JAM as they bring even more hosting options to the APAC market through their robust team of skilled Cloud and DevOps engineers that have expert Kentico knowledge working across all timezones.”

About Kentico

Kentico’s products include Kentico, the digital experience platform (DXP) for web content management, e-commerce, and online marketing, and Kentico Cloud, the comprehensive cloud-first headless CMS and Content as a service (CaaS) platform. Kentico allows you to manage contacts and campaigns, track customer journeys, provide global e-commerce functionality, and measure and analyze results to create and manage customer experiences. Kentico Cloud is the API-first headless CMS that lets you manage content and deliver omnichannel experiences with powerful content collaboration. For more information, please visit

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