Key takeaways from Sitecore Symposium 2021

by Ned Hallett
As Digital Marketing Manager and JAM’s primary pair of lungs, I provide the JAM-y take on the ever-evolving worlds of DevOps, SaaS, MACH - and acronyms yet to be coined.
Published on October 2021

With virtual attendance no longer worth remarking upon, it’s perhaps noteworthy just how normal it felt for the team logging on to Sitecore Symposium 2021 from across the world.

We were treated to expert predictions, updates on the latest and greatest at Sitecore, plus case studies from some of the most innovative names in digital.

In short, all we’ve come to expect from Sitecore Symposium.

There was far too much to condense into a single blog post. 

But here are some of our key takeaways:

Customers: are they really brands’ best friend?

Apparently not! 

With digital customer loyalty at an all time low, winning these fickle friendships is at the top of many agendas.

The speakers tackled this issue from a range of perspectives, the common thread being going above and beyond in digital experiences, whether by matching the contact type – SMS, email or phone call – to the right stage of the journey, or creating unique, highly personalized content.

The new normal is here to stay 

Touching on the idea of digital customer loyalty again, as well as the rapid adoption of digital, was the legacy of Covid-19.

Jim Stathopoulos (Digital Technologies Airline Operations, United Airlines) recounted looking to restaurants as trailblazers in using digital to reach contactless experiences.

And underlying a lot of the innovations was the question of how those customers – acquired during Covid – could be retained now the high street is back in business.

Sitecore’s commitment across the board 

The symposium proved Sitecore’s commitment to smaller sites as well as large. New versions of Sitecore will retain and build upon features enjoyed by smaller teams, ensuring that no matter your size, Sitecore remains a platform with a lot to offer.

This decision keeps the architecture uniform too, which opens things up for innovation.

Up next 

Perhaps we’ll be there in person for the 2022 Symposium. Perhaps we’ll have some fantastic contactless digital experience next to which in person looks old hat.

Until then, we’ll carry on providing pioneering 24/7 support and managed cloud services to our Sitecore Partners, so if you’re using Sitecore, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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