Shining a spotlight on our cloud services!

by Ned Hallett
As Digital Marketing Manager and JAM’s primary pair of lungs, I provide the JAM-y take on the ever-evolving worlds of DevOps, SaaS, MACH - and acronyms yet to be coined.
Published on September 2021

What’s this?

A spotlight shined on our core cloud services!

Why do they need to be illuminated?

Firstly because they’re excellent!

Secondly, because Covid has created the biggest digital boom in recent decades.

And we’d love to help companies be part of the 35% growth in cloud predicted for 2021.

So what are these services?

I’m glad you asked!

  • Solution architecture – architecting and building secure, reliable and scalable solutions 
  • Cloud migration and modernisation – migrating and modernizing workloads to bring the benefits of cloud and next-gen technologies
  • Cloud optimisation and management – on-going management, support and improvements for your cloud  infrastructure

Now let’s see those in more detail.

Solution architecture 

The whole point of being a next-gen provider is bringing partners the latest and greatest in cloud infra.

But we also provide the contemporary and exemplary.

This type of work has been a big part of who we are since the beginning, often – but by no means always – going hand-in-hand with our focus on mission-critical apps and campaigns.

From providing an auto-scaling infrastructure for Volvo’s Longest Drive campaign to delivering an AWS solution for TUMS 2021 Super Bowl campaign,  our experience in working with mission-critical applications and campaigns has been a big driver in the solution architecture work we’ve undertaken.

However, it’s not the only arrow in our quiver. 

We provisioned the all-new serverless AWS architecture for leading law firm DLA piper, as well as many others across SaaS, transport and healthcare.

We work with AWS, Azure GCP and Alibaba.

The bottom line is, designing and building solution architectures has been a part of Just After Midnight since day one.

Cloud migration and modernization

Migration and modernisation can mean many things. And we’d like to think we do nearly all of them.


  • Move workloads from one cloud provider to another 
  • Move workloads from on-prem to cloud 
  • Refactor monolithic applications into microservices
  • Expose functionalities to allow better integration with cloud-native features 

Our work in migration touches on our close relationship with digital agencies around the world, moving creative agency Emperor’s 130+ enterprise clients to cloud hosting from on-prem.

We’ve also worked with countless brands directly, helping them access newer, cloud-native architectures and practices.

Cloud management and optimisation

As AWS Well-Architected Partners, we do a lot of our optimisation work through the Well-Architected Review. A set of five pillars forming the best practices on AWS infrastructure:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance Efficiency
  • Cost Optimization

That said, we optimise clients on Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud too. And we deliver security and compliance through our VMaaS offering.

In the case of Everton Football club, we were able to diagnose the problem quickly and give their infrastructure the stability it needed to handle heavy traffic from the Toffees (that’s the in-the-know name for Everton fans; you’re welcome).

And we also managed to reduce Everton’s AWS spend by 30%. 

However, our optimisation and management can be an on-going project, combined with 24/7 support or general cloud service management.

What we are in a nutshell 

What we are first and foremost is a cloud technology partner, whether we’re building it, supporting it, making it run better – or anything else.

Supporting complex mission-critical apps is certainly what we’re known for.

But we do a whole lot more.

So for pioneering 24/7 support, solution architecture, migration and modernisation or optimisation, just get in touch.



With partners across the USA, Europe and APAC, we provide a truly global service. So wherever you or your clients are based, contact us today to find out what we can do.