The Night Owl may not be a fan of the morning call, but that’s because they shine when the sun does not. A Red Bull advocate and shunner of early bedtimes, the Night Owl comes into their own when that one surprise or disaster threatens to overwhelm his or her 9-5 colleagues  – and come the morning, the project is finished as if by Santa’s elves.

The Night Owl in a nutshell:

  • Can smash out an all-nighter when needed
  • Offline only when the internet goes down 
  • Can be found ‘in the zone’ (earphones on, energy drink on desk)
  • Can focus in on a problem and work on it without pause longer than anyone else

Think you’ve got what it takes to win The Night Owl award? Or know someone else who fits the bill?

The deadline is Monday 11th October. Good luck!

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