What is RDS?


Amazon RDS is a cloud-based relational database service designed to make managing and scaling your databases simpler. RDS automates many of the time-consuming tasks usually associated with managing a database – such as making back-ups or patching – and leaves you free to focus on your application.   

RDS is available on multiple instance types, and works with six of the most popular database engines: Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, and SQL Server

Meaning you can interact with your RDS database as if it were your favourite engine.


RDS Instance Types 


RDS databases are available on classes of instance: general purpose, memory optimised, and burstable performance. There are multiple instance types within each class, all with their own strengths and use cases.


Why RDS?


Easy Management 

Setting up an RDS database is easy. As a cloud-based service, RDS’s infrastructure is provisioned automatically, and there’s no need to install database software. However, if you require, RDS is available with on-premises and hybrid solutions. 

Once your RDS database is online, you’ll be able to forget about admin tasks like software patching and making back-ups, as AWS handles all this for you. 


RDS databases can be scaled at the push of a button, and are highly available, with the option of replicating data to an instance in a different zone – so that you’re covered in the event that a server goes down. 


For security, in addition to the option of running an on-prem or hybrid solution, RDS can also be run in Amazon Virtual Cloud, and is encryptable in transit and at rest.


RDS is available on a few pricing models, including on-demand and reserved instances. So whatever your specific needs, there’s enough flexibility to meet your use case. 

An Industry Leader

All of this makes RDS a popular database, with customers including prestigious companies such Netflix, Expedia and global consumer goods brand Unilever.

AWS was the first company to push cloud into the spotlight, and they’re still who the industry looks to for innovation.


Why Just After Midnight?


Great Experience

As AWS partners, we have the certified resources to advise on and implement any RDS project, 

We’ve completed RDS projects for Everton Football Club, Nanosonics, Volvo, and more, protecting millions in marketing spend, ensuring uptime and reducing cloud costs.

RDS and AWS Experts

As skilled RDS practitioners, we can assist you in every facet of RDS, from choosing the engine that best suits your needs, implementing additional functionality, optimising your spend and designing a robust disaster recovery strategy. Plus, we’re all-round AWS experts. We’re AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, Well-Architected Review Partners, and DCX Partners, on top. 

A Cloud-Native Support Partner 

We’re more than just a managed cloud provider. We offer eyes-on 24/7 support all year round, and with offices all over the world, we can guarantee any issue will be looked at by a qualified engineer as soon as it arises – no matter what the time or location.

Most managed cloud providers are old-guard hosting companies who’ve had to adopt the technology to keep up with the times. Just After Midnight were born in the cloud era, and a commitment to innovation and eyes-on support are at the heart of who we are.

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