What we do

Great digital initiatives don’t happen in vacuum, but they do happen in robust, agile next-gen environments - that’s where we come in. Our AWS DCX Competency - combined with our Advanced Consulting Partner and Well-Architected Review Partner Status - means we deliver the infrastructure great campaigns are built on.

DCX use cases we power

  • Marketing Automation

    We partner with agencies and teams to provide the building blocks for event management, augmented reality, and mission-critical campaigns. Read about our marketing automation work on the TUMS Super Bowl Campaign.

  • Content Management

    From headless to serverless, we equip you with the technologies you need to manage and deliver cross-channel content seamlessly. Read about our content management work with Banyan Tree.

  • Digital Commerce

    Build e-commerce solutions on cutting edge technologies. Scale and transform at the push of a button. Read about our digital commerce work with Tribeca Film Festival.

  • Customer 360

    Get to know your customers inside out through the latest offerings in database, analytics and ML. Read about our customer 360 work with Nanosonics.


Why yOU NEED AN AWS dcX Partner

Delivering outstanding customer experience means:

  • Having confidence in the technology at your disposal
  • Rolling out new ideas quickly and safely
  • Scaling, testing and refining at the press of a button

By implementing the right tech, from automated testing/deployment to fully serverless infrastructure, we make sure you can take an idea from drawing board to production before your competitors hit snooze.

Why That Partner should be Just After Midnight

Coming straight from the agency world (a lot of the team hail from award-winning agency Reading Room) we know the ins and outs of delivering first-class digital experiences.

And that’s why, as a design and support partner, we’ve carved out a niche working with mission-critical, customer-facing applications for the likes of Grey, ustwo and more.

What we’re saying is, we’re no stranger to accelerating and supporting make-or-break initiatives, so if you want someone who knows the whys as well as hows, stick with us.

Why Just After Midnight

  • Agency Background

    We regularly partner with award-winning agencies to deliver cutting edge experiences.

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  • AWS Experts

    We're AWS Advanced Consulting as well as AWS DCX and AWS Well-Architected Review Partners.

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  • Pioneering 24/7 support

    Our full-stack, tech-enabled 24/7 support is the perfect add-on for 'always on' global experiences.

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  • Work seamlessly as part of your team

    We're experienced working with agency and in-house teams to take the pressure off internal IT resources.

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