Singapore agencies, win clients with cloud 

by Callum Davis
As Managing Director in APAC, I’m here to bring the best in next-gen managed services to new and existing partners. Follow me for developments in cloud-native tech and their impacts across the Asia-Pacific region.
Published on June 2024

Today, I’m going to explain how niche, next-gen cloud services are helping Singapore agencies beat the competition, win contracts and keep clients. 

Collaboration between agencies and cloud platforms is nothing new (just look at Accenture x AWS) but a focus shift is taking place in the types of cloud services that are being sought by agency customers. 

So, I’m going to show you how: 

  • CI/CD and DevOps 
  • Refactoring and modernisation to MACH
  • And other cloud-native tech 

Can help your agency:

  • Deliver web development projects faster and cheaper than competitors 
  • Make your solution’s ‘sticky’ so your clients want to keep it in your hands 
  • Wow new business prospects by working at the forefront of innovation (and ensure those Figma designs actually work in production!)

But before I explain how to leverage cloud partnerships to bring these technologies to bear in client solutions, let’s take a look at the tech in more detail.

CI/CD – deliver results literally 100s of times faster 

CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) or DevOps is the process of automating software development and deployment using cloud-based tools. 

According to one study, DevOps adopters deploy code 208 times more frequently, with a lead time for changes that is 106 times faster than organisations without full adoption.

Now, just take a minute to compute that kind of difference. 

In a bid between two agencies delivering a digital product or application, there is a huge gulf between one that can deliver code 100 times more efficiently than the next. 

Just so, if a client trusts a major website or digital product to an agency, the partnership will be secured by that agency’s ongoing management of the automated deployment they’ve come to rely on. 

Add to this the fact that DevOps engineers are in short supply in Singapore and you can see how agencies aligning with cloud innovation are able to offer more than those being left behind. 

Refactoring and modernising 

If you’re building a client a new eCommerce store, web application or mobile app, you’ll likely deploy to the cloud. 

MACH technologies, microservices,  API-first design, containers and headless are the cloud services underpinning this next generation of development. 

Agencies embracing MACH and modernisation can see time-to-market cut by 58% and costs reduced by 40% for clients. 

Just as in the previous example, if the choice is between an agency delivering in less than half the time and with nearly 50% lower running costs, the choice is clear. 

And when it comes to making things sticky, running costs have always been one of the most impactful metrics – particularly in Singapore where value is prized highly. 

Other benefits and technologies 

I’m not going to take up all your time explaining how new cloud services can help your agency win and keep business. 

If you want to understand the technologies more deeply, dive deeper into:

Next, I want to focus on why some agencies are rapidly adopting these technologies and some aren’t. 

Going green – how MSPs and cloud partners are becoming a driving force in commercial strategy 

As an agency, how fast you can adopt and integrate these cloud-native services depends on the relationship you have with your cloud partner. 

Some partners are more helpful than others. And there are reasons for this going back to the beginning of cloud and how the technology’s changed over the years. 

Essentially, some MSPs are still catching up with the opportunities cloud has unleashed. Particularly those born before the cloud-native era.

If you’re with a partner who’s holding you back. Or you haven’t teamed up with an MSP to accelerate your adoption and client services – there’s no time like the present.

Just After Midnight, the cloud partner for agencies in Singapore and around the world

At Just After Midnight, we’ve backed the alignment of forward-thinking agencies and new cloud technologies from day one. 

Back in 2019, we worked with agencies in New York and Singapore to deliver augmented reality for Heineken as part of their Cheers campaign. 

In APAC, the USA and EMEA, we’ve been the cloud partner agencies come to when they want a way forward – not another blocker. 

If you want to be one of those agencies leading the charge, innovating service offerings with cloud, and delivering new features 100s of times faster than the competition, get in touch with me and we can arrange a talk. 

We’re here to give you the green light!



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