Quantum Pigeon

Tailored DevOps solution and 24/7 infrastructure support for the world's first premium app designed for creators & influencers

The client 

Quantum Pigeon (QP) is a revolutionary premium messaging app, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, designed for creators of all kinds. 

QP ensures creators maintain full control of their data and privacy while engaging with their fans and monetising content. With the app, creators can post content, collaborate, and interact with fans on a personalised 1:1 basis through a subscription model. 

The challenge 

As QP embarked on the beta launch of their app, they recognised the potential challenges that could arise. There was an expectation of increased user traffic and they needed a smooth user experience during the launch. Any outages or performance issues during this critical period could tarnish the app’s reputation and undermine investor confidence in the platform’s viability.

QP also faced a bottleneck with their existing DevOps engineer, who could only dedicate a few hours each week to support and application management. With limited time available, their engineer’s focus was on providing round-the-clock support for their AWS infrastructure and application instead of other vital aspects of the application, such as deployments and accelerating time-to-market. QP also had a lack of observability when the application experienced issues, which meant it took longer to identify problems and resolve them. 

In light of these challenges, Quantum Pigeon understood the importance of finding the right DevOps partner. They needed a partner who could not only ensure 24/7 AWS infrastructure support but could also offer a tailored solution that would optimise the platform’s performance, enhance its observability and elevate the overall user experience.

QP came to Just After Midnight after hearing about our dedicated approach to exceptional 24/7 support. Our experience handling similar projects like the NBA Ultimate 5 and DLA Piper and delivering tangible results made us an ideal partner to ensure the platform’s success.

The solution 

To address Quantum Pigeons’ needs, we tailor-made our support services to meet their specific requirements, offering a dedicated, proactive approach.

We leveraged our proficiency in DevOps to increase the observability of the application using a custom database in Datadog. This allowed QP to gain valuable insights into the performance of the platform. Equipped with increased visibility on the health of their app, they can quickly identify any potential issues.

We were able to triage the root cause of application issues and track exceptions, allowing us to identify and resolve underlying problems efficiently, enhancing the overall user experience. 

We also implemented a robust alerting system that promptly notifies QP of any application issues, enabling a swift response and resolution. 

With our 24/7 AWS infrastructure support,  their in-house engineer could now focus on crucial tasks like deployments and expediting the time-to-market process. Our team is also proactively monitoring the infrastructure, fixing potential issues and protecting the application from downtime. 

The results 

  • Round-the-clock support of the AWS infrastructure, freeing up in-house engineer’s time for crucial tasks like deployments
  • Implementation of a robust alerting system for prompt notification of applications issues, enabling swift resolution 
  • Increased observability of the application using a custom database offers Quantum Pigeon valuable insights into the platform’s performance
minute response time
30 minute
resolution time


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