Seamless cloud migration for trusted Indonesian Financial Wellness Platform

The client 

GajiGesa is a trusted financial wellness platform partner for employers and employees in Indonesia. The fintech platform is designed to empower millions of working Indonesians to take control of their financial future. 

Via the GajiGesa app, members have Employee Wage Access (EWA) and access to financial education along with other financial management tools, enabling them to responsibly improve their long-term financial health. 

GajiGesa also supports employers by providing them with enterprise-grade HR analytics platforms and works with them to increase employee productivity, engagement and retention by reducing financial stress. 

The challenge

The GajiGesa platform was hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but they were incurring a significant monthly spend on the platform. They were looking to restructure and refactor their cloud infrastructure onto AWS, making it more cost-efficient and scalable. 

However, due to the technical knowledge of GCP within Indonesia being slightly behind that of other hosting platforms, finding a partner to help restructure and optimise their existing hosting platform was proving to be a challenge. 

Having approached another provider previously but not receiving the migration competence they required, GajiGesa approached Just After Midnight after they requested advice from AWS on the right migration partner within the region. Due to our expertise with cloud migrations and track record working with the FSI industry (having worked previously with PowerTrade). We leveraged our deep technical knowledge and expertise in AWS to help move the GajiGesa platform from GCP to AWS. 

The solution 

We refactored the application code base for cloud-native deployment to AWS, this was also to make it a more cloud-agnostic Kubernetes environment. Our team deployed the containerised application to a managed Kubernetes service, utilising AWS EKS for maximum uptime and availability. 

The Kubernetes pods are running in replicas for more efficient CPU usage and to guarantee continuous operation. In addition, we built a DevOps pipeline for the client to ensure a quick, secure and simple deployment process. We scaled the cluster to handle millions of transactions per day on the site. 

Driving an Open Source methodology, we implemented Knative and Karpenter. Knative enabled us to build Serverless and Event-Driven Applications on AWS, whilst Karpetener ensured GajiGesa had the flexibility and scalability required to launch the right compute resources at the right time.

The results 

  • Completed the migration within 3 months ensuring all of GajiGesa’s core objectives were achieved
  • The migration from GCP to AWS resulted in a saving of 30% of their monthly hosting spend
  • Created a far more user-friendly environment for the development team and the customer
  • App refactoring their entire code base so it could run on AWS 
30% saving
on monthly hosting spend
3 months
to migration completion


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