Fully managed Azure hosting and Umbraco application support for a popular HR and Payroll provider

The client

Paylocity is a flexible, all-in-one HR and payroll solution based in the US. They serve over 20,000 clients and 2,200 partners across a wide range of industries.

Paylocity’s website is their main lead generation tool, an essential resource for promoting the products and services they offer.

The challenge

Paylocity’s US-based agency Marcel Digital had designed a brand new Umbraco website to take their marketing efforts to the next level and was ready to launch.

The client wanted to be sure that the new site would be hosted on a secure and reliable hosting platform, designed, provisioned, and supported by an experienced team. This would allow them to focus less on the infrastructure requirements, and more on innovation.

The client and agency also required a partner who could manage the hosting and take care of the application overnight and during holidays and weekends, when the team was out of the office. They required a team that would work closely alongside them, managing all major incidents as they occurred outside of US office hours, then also providing detailed analysis and reporting on the issues when they returned to work.

The solution

Just After Midnight’s blended team of Azure experts and .NET developers across 5 global development centres had the perfect balance of experience and expertise to support Paylocity’s new Umbraco application, as well as manage all hosting.

We designed a new Azure hosting solution to support the client’s Umbraco site, based on the specifications of the solution that Marcel had developed. 

The design included the separation of content management from delivery apps and provided a load-balanced delivery environment across close geographical regions in the US, for fault tolerance and zero/minimal downtime deployment. It is a full multi-region setup with delivery servers in the US to reduce load times (time to interactive.)

A Cloudflare CDN was implemented in the architecture solution which reduces the load on the origin servers (Umbraco Content Delivery Servers), allowing the client to run a smaller architecture that optimises costs.

On top of the managed hosting, Just After Midnight provisions out-of-hours support for the Paylocity site. Incident management teams resolve and manage incidents as they occur whenever the agency is not in the office, meaning the client can rest assured their site is fully managed at any time of the day or night.


  • The site has achieved 99.93% uptime since starting support
  • There has been zero deployment downtime
  • All incidents have been responded to well within the SLA, with an average response time of less than 2 minutes
deployment downtime
<2 minutes
average response time