Optimising and rearchitecting the AWS infrastructure without sacrificing performance

The client

OSIM started as a Singaporean electrical and household appliance company that shifted its focus to electronic health and wellness products, which made them best-known as the leading brand of massage chairs. Today the company operates globally, with a network of over 426 outlets in more than 90 cities across 19 countries.

The OSIM websites are a valuable channel of sales for OSIM on top of their brick and mortar stores that have proven their importance during the global pandemic.

The challenge

OSIM were moving their application to Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) and wanted to simultaneously revamp their web presence for their 6 key markets for which they had localised websites: Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Thailand.

They had approached hosting providers for quotes, but the solutions they were presented with were significantly underscoped in terms of the service that would be required on the services.

This is where JAM stepped in: as a full-stack service provider, we understood the need to reoptimise and rearchitect the application to be more resilient, plus reduce costs in the long term – all whilst working with each regional team to ensure that performance for each local market was not sacrificed.

The solution

Our team proposed an AWS hosting solution that utilised instances rather than app services, optimising their infrastructure spend. We also looked to reduce resource in areas where we believed that it had been over-speced, as well as combine virtual machines.

Most importantly, the client wanted to have a singular setting environment but had been told this would only be possible by putting a set of services in China and a set in Singapore, essentially doubling the cost by hosting double the services.

JAM came up with a ‘best of both’ scenario whereby we were able to host the majority of their application from Singapore, and in partnership with Alibaba and Cloudfront, could propagate their content into the Chinese local market and help them navigate the ever-complex policy of Chinese data protection.

Protecting the revenue of each regional market site was essential to the client, so we completed extensive load and stress testing on our solution to understand where potential bottlenecks could appear during increased site traffic. This meant each market would be prepared during important commercial events, such as Single’s Day

We now provide OSIM with 24/7 cloud management and application support, and in addition to our incident management and P1/P2 resolution, monitor shopping performance to protect revenue for the client.


  • The site has seen no major downtime and improved performance since starting support with JAM
  • By doing extensive load and stress testing, we can quickly respond and scale up our application support during critical moments 
  • Sitecore and AWS engineers are on hand 24/7 for any issues with the application or infrastructure
6 localised market
sites relaunched
Singular setting environment
solution architected