Department of Home Affairs

Maintaining 24/7 uptime for government COVID-19 websites

The client

The Australian Department of Home Affairs is responsible for immigration and customs border policy, as well as national affairs such as law enforcement and security.

Their websites communicate essential government information to those living and working in Australia.

The challenge

The Department of Home Affairs required support for new websites which had been commissioned in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • The primary site for COVID updates from the government, for users whose first language is not English; users can select to view the information in 65 different languages
  • The primary site for up to date information about Australia’s immigration and border arrangements during the outbreak

The websites are all built on the Australian Government Drupal CMS platform and managed by an in-house technical team. The team required an incident management specialist to ensure that any issues with the critical websites were picked up instantly, and escalated to the team to be resolved. They also required a support team who had a good understanding of Drupal and would be able to handle CMS user support requests when they arose.

The solution

Just After Midnight’s global support team are always on – no phones by the bed. Our team has eyes on our client’s websites and monitors at all times, meaning we are the ideal team to support the Department of Home Affairs critical COVID-19 informational websites.

Our technical team are Drupal experts who have honed their skills on multiple Drupal projects, and are on hand at any time of day or night to assist with resolving content and CMS issues. This means that updates can be carried out by the government team quickly and without blockers.

If any issues are identified with the pages, our incident managers are able to pick these up instantly and escalate to our technical teams, who can triage the issue and pass it onto the relevant technical team responsible.


  • All major incidents have been responded to in under 3 minutes
  • Rapid response time minimises overall downtime by escalating the issue immediately
  • Content and CMS issues responded to and resolved quickly by our Drupal experts
>3 minute
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