Government of Saskatchewan

Improving the stability of this Government Sitecore solution

The client

The official website for the Government of Saskatchewan communicates essential information regarding living and working in the Canadian province to its 1.2 million residents. The site receives an average of 50,000 hits per day.

The challenge

The Government of Saskatchewan website was developed by Kickbyte, a JAM Partner agency based in Alberta, Canada. Kickbyte are Sitecore experts, trusted by some of the biggest names and organisations in Canada, who design content management solutions for their enterprise clients.

Their Sitecore solution for the client also features third-party tools such as Coveo to pull in news and as a search tool, and a Solr search tool. The site can receive very high traffic due to the importance of its content – during the third week of March each year (when the government budget is released) the site traffic goes from 50,000 up to 150-200,000 hits per day.

Both Kickbyte and the client were frustrated with the level of service delivered by their previous support provider. A lack of Sitecore knowledge and proactivity would mean that downtime was not properly monitored or dealt with; they did not have comprehensive monitoring of their own and would instead rely on alerts from the infrastructure provider to identify when there were issues with the website. This meant that the client would often find out about downtime from end-users after it happened, which was frustrating and damaging to their reputation.

The solution

Just After Midnights are Sitecore specialists with a track record of protecting Sitecore solutions for our clients. The client and their agency selected Just After Midnight as their new support partner, knowing that our combination of Sitecore experts and proactive incident management team would provide them with a far superior level of protection for their site.

Our team acts as the front line for the Government of Saskatchewan website, maximising uptime by identifying any issues immediately and liaising with the right teams to get it back online as soon as possible. Our true 24/7 support means that our team has eyes on a wide range of monitors for the Government’s website at all times.

Our incident managers are adept at dealing with multiple stakeholders and are able to manage the process from start to finish, notifying the client and providing them with expert recommendations to ensure the issue does not repeat itself.


  • A far improved level of service has reassured the client and their agency, saving them from sleepless nights
  • No need to worry about traffic spikes as our team can monitor closely, escalating where needed
  • The average response time is less than 2 minutes
>2 minute
average response time
24/7 support
improving experience for end users