Optimising your cloud spend in Singapore

by Vanessa Quek
Published on November 2020

Join Just After Midnight Singapore as we share our experience on the challenges organisations face in their journey towards cost control and optimisation in the cloud.

While reviewing your financials and budget for 2021, it’s understandable that your spend will be closely watched with lower earnings in the current economic climate. However, your organisation is now more digitally connected than ever to serve customers. This means your cloud usage will increase accordingly and you will exceed your allocated budget if your customer activities spurt.

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Date: 11 Dec 2020, Friday
Time: 11AM-12PM, SGT (+8 GMT)

Cloud spend soars in 2021 

Gartner forecasts cloud services spending will grow by 18 per cent next year, valuing it to US$304.9bn. This growth is projected to increase as lockdowns are ongoing, preventing physical businesses from resuming as per usual, resulting in the global workforce and customers to continue interacting remotely, online.

In a bid to address the urgent need to shift the business on the public cloud, organisations end up incurring more spend than they need to. All these occurrences make cost optimisation and management optimisation more important and relevant than ever.

Cloud spend in Singapore

Business leaders in APAC recognise that cloud adoption drives business growth. According to a study compiled by cloud provider AWS and consulting group BCG, businesses in APAC are spending more public cloud and related services at a growth rate of 25 per cent, that’s even faster than the US or Western Europe. Presently, cloud spend takes up 5 per cent of an average IT budget but this figure will double in three years.

Despite cost savings being a driver of cloud adoption, APAC organisations are still not able to optimise the full benefit of their investment. This is largely due to factors like the disjoint between IT and the business, the talent gap, legacy processes and in more recent times, workplace access limitations. The latter is a factor uniquely born out of the pandemic, slowing down and even sometimes, thwarting existing cloud migration plans.

Does this sound very much like what you are facing in your business?
Join us for an hour before lunch as we discuss the following: 

  • Identify mismanagement of your cloud
  • Best practices for cloud cost optimisation
  • The business value of utilising the AWS Well-Architected Review framework


  • Introductions, opening and context – AWS, JAM (10 mins)
  • Presentation (20 mins)
  • Q&A (10 mins)

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Date: 11 Dec 2020, Friday
Time: 11AM-12PM, SGT (+8 GMT)