24/7 application and infrastructure support plus incident management for a top insuretech product

The client

SIMPLIFi is a cloud-based application which connects everyone in the home assurance claims management and delivery process via a 24hr call centre team. The application has been designed to handle the process end-to-end, from the claimants first call, to policy validation, to assessing the urgency of the job, to deploying from a network of contractors to fix the issue.

SIMPLIFi is a startup product beneath the umbrella of CET Property Assurance. As a cloud-based application, SIMPLIFi can be accessed from anywhere, giving CET Property Assurance the ability to deal with claims at scale and to rapidly upscale its capacity to deal with claim surges.

The challenge

It is critical that the SIMPLIFi application is available 24/7 so that policyholders can make a claim at any time of day or night. While the SIMPLIFi team had partnered with a technology agency who helped to build the solution, and an IT team to look after the infrastructure, neither of them were able to support the application around-the-clock. This meant the call centre team was without technical expertise during evenings, overnight and at weekends, leaving them helpless if an application issue were to arise.

The solution

Just After Midnight came in as SIMPLIFi’s infrastructure (set on Azure) and application support partner. Our team was trained on the technical specifications of the application including the React used on the front end, as well as the microservices and managed services from Azure, including SignalR and Cosmos DBs. Detailed runbooks, videos and training sessions were disseminated so that our engineers and incident managers could easily pick up and resolve an issue with the custom application or its infrastructure. As well as this, our team built monitoring for each endpoint of each service to ensure nothing could be missed.

In addition to our technical capabilities, SIMPLIFi chose Just After Midnight as a support partner because of our industry-leading 24/7 incident management process. Moreover, SIMPLIFi relies on many third-party integrations, not only with their own APIs but also with cloud communications platform Twilio to make calls. Our team could act as an extension of the SIMPLIFi team, understanding when escalation to third parties and making the critical calls necessary for the client.

We understand that upholding reputation is essential for startup companies to continue to grow. Our team is dedicated to protecting this for SIMPLIFi at all times.


  • SIMPLIFi is now supported 24/7 from both an application and infrastructure perspective, ensuring the application is running at maximum availability
  • Incidents are managed quickly and effectively by our team with an average response time of just 3 minutes
3 minute
average response time
Each endpoint
monitored 24/7