Parramatta Light Rail

Infrastructure optimisation and full pen testing for a major government infrastructure project

The client

Parramatta Light Rail is a major government infrastructure project based in New South Wales, Australia. Expected to open in 2023, and estimated to cost $2.4 billion, it is a huge programme that will provide transport to residents of Western Sydney 7 days a week.

The project website has been developed by JSA, an Australian creative and digital agency. Users can find the latest updates about the multiple phases of the project as it moves through different stages.

The challenge

JSA manages the digital communication campaign around the project and required a technical support partner to manage the AWS hosting to provide a full package service to their client. Their previous managed hosting partner had failed to provide the level of availability required by the client and agency, and so they approached Just After Midnight for a better level of service.

The solution

Just After Midnight understood that performance and security were top priorities for the client and their agency. They designed a solution that would protect the client’s reputation as a major government project.

To improve the performance of the website, which is built on Drupal and hosted on AWS, our team worked to optimise the infrastructure. Our actions included:

  • Provisioning a test dev environment
  • Implementing a CloudFront CDN
  • Introducing better storage using S3

Security was of top priority for the client – not only is the project backed by the government, but it also handles sensitive personal data from its users. As a result, full pen testing was completed by our team and a report produced from the results. Actions were taken to improve the security of the website so that citizen data is fully protected.


  • Website performance has been vastly improved
  • Infrastructure has been optimised to the client’s requirements so that it now works hard and to their exact specifications
  • Security improvements have been implemented so that data is held securely
AWS infrastructure optimised
to improve performance
Full pen testing
to protect citizen's data