Azora Finance

Providing an auto-scaling solution and watertight security while empowering the in-house development team

The client

Azora finance is a new face in the Australian financial services scene. Founded by a team boasting an impressive track record, including Pepper Financial Services and Wholesale Rental Finance, Azora’s focus is on providing great solutions for small-medium-sized rental businesses.

The challenge

Being relative newcomers, Azora was looking for a partner to provide managed cloud services for their website built on Kentico. Their website is a very important part of their business and acts as a core source for lead generation.

Azora Finance was looking for a partner who was experienced in both Kentico and cloud to design and implement a cloud infrastructure solution that was cost-effective and worked for their business. It needed to have the flexibility to scale fast, and in real-time as demand grew. They also needed the solution to be completely secure to meet the demands of the finance industry and supported 24/7.

The solution

Just After Midnight designed a nimble Microsoft Azure PAAS hosting solution that would keep the maintenance pressure off this relatively new firm while providing air-tight security. 

Just After Midnight also implemented an auto-scaling solution, enabling Azora to meet spikes in demand as they occurred, without paying higher costs during less busy periods. We also fully managed deployment to take the pressure of the Azora’s development team, who were skilled developers but lacked the background in infrastructure. 


  • Since the launch, there have been no security breaches and the site boasts 100% uptime
  • New lease applications have surged since the launch of the new high performing cloud platform
  • Our team has empowered Azora’s developers to focus on the projects most important to them with a cloud solution designed to scale with Azora’s growth, while we handle seamless, bug-free deployments
100% uptime
across the site
Zero security breaches
since starting support