Save 25% - 50% on your AWS spend today

Why pay more for the exact same outcome? By optimising your AWS spend with Just After Midnight, you’ll be left with an optimised and efficient cloud hosting environment - no more, no less. Free up the capital that can drive your business forward.

Spend only what you need to

Our team will spot unnecessary costs, and advise on the best use for your cloud spend. We take a big picture approach – rather than solely focusing on cost,  we ensure our cloud solution will work for all of your needs. We follow the AWS Well Architected Framework, which champions a harmonic blend of:

  1. Operational excellence: Monitoring and maintaining your cloud environment
  2. Security: Ensuring confidentiality, data integrity and access control
  3. Reliability: Making sure you can respond to failure
  4. Performance efficiency: Making sure speed and latency are considered
  5. Cost optimization: Doing all of the above, without breaking the bank

Focusing on a well-rounded solution will ensure it works well into the future, whilst also saving you money.

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Experience a better service

Legacy hosting partners have a vested interested in increasing your cloud spend. Their pricing model is stuck in the past, and it means you, the client, end up paying large sums for little / no service on your public cloud. But times are changing. Just After Midnight are different: we offer flat-rate pricing options, meaning you never get overcharged for your cloud costs and we can work together on finding improvements and cost savings. What is more, with Just After Midnight looking after your AWS, you get a friendly approachable team, that you know by name. You can contact them 24 hours a day by phone or email and we even share slack / teams channels with you for that informal level of communication.

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Why choose Just After Midnight to optimise your cloud costs

  • Big picture audit

    We audit all areas of your cloud platform, leaving no stone un-turned. Whatever your priorities are, we can ensure your solution meets your specific needs whilst also saving you money.

  • Cloud expertise

    By choosing us, you'll be gaining a dedicated team of AWS certified experts who know the platform inside out.

  • Trusted partners

    We manage the cloud for household names around the world. Let us take care of your cloud.

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  • A team dedicated to you

    We work as an extension of your IT department, bringing our cloud expertise into your enterprise.

  • Global Cover

    We are one of the few partners offering 24/7 services that can actually boast a team awake 24 hr from our global offices. No phones by the bed!

  • Application Support

    We are unique in offering application level support offerings to complement our AWS specialists.


How do we do it? AWS cost optimisation methods

  • Ensuring you have the right capacity

    Our AWS experts can advise on EC2 and RDS instances to ensure you have exactly the capacity requirements in place as well as scale-up options.

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  • Reserved instances

    We can help advise if reserved instances are the right option for you, by analysing your use and choosing the best AWS payment scheme for your business.

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  • Cloud migration equals savings

    Services like Amazon RDS for Aurora and Amazon Redshift will let you run enterprise-grade solutions but cost 10% of comparable on-premises solutions.

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  • Full visibility of your cloud costs

    We will make sure we have eyes on your resources so you have full visibility of your cloud costs, using AWS Cost Explorer.

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