Recognising what makes a great developer... great.

Every great developer and engineer has a little of that star quality. They might track down a fix like a case-hardened detective, or be a Zen-like master of technical arts. And that's why we've put together the brand new Jammy Awards. They're designed to recognise the unsung heroes in your business and the characteristics that make a great engineer. If you think you fit the bill - or know someone who does - check out the awards on offer below…


How does it work?

You can enter yourself, or nominate someone else you think deserves an award. You can enter as many of the awards as you want. And as we’re a global company, the awards are open worldwide.

Also did we mention – it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

To enter:

  1. Select a category above (you can enter more than one)
  2. Fill out the online form (it’s short, we promise) by the 11th October
  3. That’s it! We’ll get in touch when we announce the shortlist on the 25th October, and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen, come along to the online awards ceremony on 18th November

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to get in touch with us here.

What's in it for me?

Whether you’re entering yourself, or nominating someone else, winning an award means:

Recognition: you’ll be able to shout about this award to anyone who will listen. If you’re nominating someone else, it’s a (free) way to show them that they’re doing some great work.

Badge: we’ll provide you with a shiny winner badge you can add to your professional profiles.

Prizes: We’ll send you a unique award – a personalised Top Trump card – which can sit on your desk for all to envy.

Fun online ceremony: Everyone shortlisted will receive drinks or breakfast for our virtual awards ceremony (depending on where you are in the world and when you’ll be tuning in).

Key dates for your diary

  • Tuesday 14th September: Awards open

    Choose your category (or multiple) and fill our quick online form.

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  • Monday 11th October: Submission deadline

    You'll have 4 weeks to submit your entries before the deadline, so don't put it off!

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  • Wednesday 25th October: Shortlist announced

    We'll decide which are the best nominations in each of our categories, and announce the line-up who will get invites to our snazzy online ceremony.

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  • Thursday 18th November: Online award ceremony

    We're global, and so are our awards. This means we'll be announcing the winners at an online ceremony. If you're shortlisted, come along and we'll send you a little something to help ease the pain if you're not one of our lucky winners.

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