One of a kind

We’re Just After Midnight, a tech-enabled, full-stack support partner working with Kentico users in APAC and across the globe. We’re one of a kind because we’re the only partner who:

  • Isn’t an implementation partner – we’re all about supporting your business-critical Kentico sites and applications 24/7, not building them
  • Can support you any time – with full-stack engineers in the US, EMEA, APAC, and Australia, responding in under three minutes on average
  • Can support you no matter the issue – whether it’s application or infrastructure or just a service request from a Kentico author
  • Partners with Kentico users direct to support their whole stack, and with agencies to close the out-of-hours support gap, protecting clients’ business-critical sites and applications when they need it most

Get in touch... and a chance to win!

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Our key services for Kentico teams

  • Kentico expertise

    Our team’s background in Kentico development makes us uniquely positioned to offer support that covers your whole stack, and to consult on and implement other solutions.

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  • Managed cloud

    We design, implement and migrate managed services for Kentico teams, as well as providing DevOps and managed security.

  • 24/7 support for brands

    We provide our 24/7 support service direct to brands, protecting your revenue and reputation.

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  • 24/7 support for agencies

    Our full-stack, 24/7 support service has been designed to feel like an extension of your team, closing the out-of-hours support gap and protecting your clients around the clock.


Why Just After Midnight

  • Protect your revenue and reputation

    Downtime can have a big impact on revenue and reputation. Uptime can too...

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  • Get your whole stack covered

    We’re a team of application and infrastructure specialists - we’ve got your whole stack covered.

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  • Work with Kentico specialists

    We’ve worked with Kentico for years, and we bring that detailed knowledge to all the work we do with you.

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  • Move forward with confidence

    Knowing you’re covered from every angle frees you up to focus on even more ambitious Kentico projects.

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