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For digital businesses in or entering the SaaS space, cloud is a big piece of the puzzle. AWS is a great home for digital products, but getting the very best from your infrastructure isn’t always in your team’s skillset. Our AWS reviews are designed to take anyone that extra mile - whether migrating, architecting or deciding on a data isolation strategy. And as we're AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, you’re in safe hands!

We have got you covered

Solution architecture 

Whether you’re a brand new start-up, or an ISV looking to move into the SaaS space, we’ve got you covered.

With a mix of cloud and app specialists, we can tackle your project from all angles, helping make key decisions about tenancy, data isolation strategies, or cloud-native architectures like serverless, microservices and containers.

Migration and modernisation 

For companies with an existing app that want to access the scalability and faster time-to-markets that cloud-native technology can offer, we refactor, migrate and modernise, moving your application to a modern AWS infrastructure.

24/7 support for SaaS products 

Our pioneering 24/7 support service is uniquely matched to today’s support needs.

With bespoke platform Mission Control 2 combining every thread of a complex, distributed app into a single bird’s-eye-view, our global team of engineers can monitor and triage the most complex applications around the clock.

Our work with AWS and SaaS products 

We have a great track record helping digital businesses deliver their products with AWS:


No matter what leg of the journey you find yourself on, we can take you the extra mile!

AWS services for digital businesses and their products

  • Tech-enabled 24/7 Support

    Our signature, tech-enabled support covers your entire stack. Plus, we can manage and optimise your infrastructure.

  • Next-gen infrastructure

    Our cloud and app experts deliver next-gen architectures for digital businesses and their products.

  • Cloud migration

    Migrate your application to the cloud for the first time or change cloud platforms.

  • Application Modernisation

    Refactor your application to a cloud-native architecture for more scalability, reliability and velocity.

Why Just After Midnight

  • A next-gen MSP

    As a managed service provider, we’re always looking to deliver the latest in greatest technology for our partners.

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  • A great track record with SaaS and digital products

    From the biggest app launch of the year to a journey planner used by Uber, DPD and DoorDash, we have a great track record of delivering AWS for SaaS and digital products.

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  • App and infrastructure experts

    Our team comes from an app design and infrastructure background, giving us a unique perspective.

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  • AWS Advanced Consulting Partners

    As AWS Advanced Consulting Partners we have the certified skills to get you the best from AWS.

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